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Do you think violent video games effect a kids phycology?

Well I think kids should be able to play any video games from Early child hood games to Mature games I think kids should be able to play any of those ratings its human nature to kill each other and the games dont cause the violence I played Rated M games as a 3-4 year old my first one was Mortal Combat 3 and GTA Vice City at age 8 Im fine and its the parents fault for not teaching them between right and wrong and no a childs mind is not more susceptible to violence than ours! Kids should be able to play Rated M games no matter how much gore, violence etc and I dont think it effects a kids physcology at all


I mean Im perfectly fine I played GTA Vice City when I was 8 and Mortal Combat 3 when I was either 3 or 4 and watched Sailor Moon when I was 5 I believe I was born in 92

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    Well I think what the problem with the answer above ^^^ is that everyone goes through different phases of growth, obviously puberty changes your personality, and you start to act differently. But I mean as for the ratings for age groups, whoever is playing the games will obviously read and hear about the same events, so why not get surprised now and not act like an idiot when you grow up and learn about murder when you are 18.

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    The games my little brother has played and the anime he has watched has changed him drastically. He's become very violent over the years and very rude also. I think my mother should've payed more attention to him, and since he won't listen to a thing I have to say, I think it would've been best if I stopped him at a lower age. There are some stupid rating on games sometimes, but my opinion is that some kids just shouldn't play certain M rated games.

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