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What are your favorite names from 16 and pregnant/Teen Mom?

So i'm obsessed with the show, its' a guilty pleasure, ( I know the show is kind of crazy and stupid but anyway) lots of cute and well "interesting" baby names people chose. If you don't watch the show feel free to pick your favorite names from it too. Which ones are your favorite baby names? Will list the moms first then the babies first middle and last name:

Maci: Bentley Cadence Edwards (B) <---gender incase you don't know

Farrah: Sophia Laurent Abraham (G)

Amber: Leah Leann Shirley (G)

Ebony: Jocelyn Jade Rendon (G)

Whitney: Weston Owen Gosa (B)

Caitlyn: Carolynn Elizabeth (G, no last name she was adopted)

Jenelle: Jace Vahn Evans (B)

Nikkole: Lyle Thomas Drummonds (B)

Valerie: Nevaeh Lynn Fairman (G)

Chelsea: Aubree Skye Lind (G)

Samantha: Jordynn Amelia Marie Salinas (G)

Nicole: Brooklyn Marie Keller (G)

Leah: Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace (twin girls)

Lizzie: Summer Jayde Sickles (G)

Kailyn: Isaac Elliot Rivera (B)

There are actually more from the next season but this is all I feel like listing, so what is your favorite boy name, fav girl name? Any you hate? I personally love Issac and Leah but can't stand Neveah! If you hate them do you think it has to do with age? Thanks!


Yea if there's more I didn't lsit please feel free to say them! I LOVE Brody too I forgot that!

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    9 years ago
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    Wow, you did some research to find those last names, I'm impressed!

    Out of these, the full names I like are Sophia Laurent (although a little weird that it's so close to Sophia Lauren...), Lyle Thomas & Isaac Elliot.

    Parts of these names I like are: Leah, Owen, Carolynn (ok, prefer Caroline though), Elizabeth, Amelia, Marie, and Summer.

    I do like the name Brody too.

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  • I love Weston Owen <3 So handsome!

    Cadence, Jace, Lyle Thomas & Isaac Elliot are lovely. The other boy names are not. I hate most all the girl names. They're trendy or misspelled or just flat out unattractive. In all honesty, I don't like any of the girls' full names.

    Sophia is cute. Leah is cute. Elizabeth is cute. Leann is cute. Lynn is cute. Amelia and Marie are cute. Grace is cute. That's about it.

    I hate basically all the others.

    Source(s): xo Cait xo
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You didn't list my favorite! Brooke named her son Brody Ryan! I love it! Aubree Skye, Aliannah Hope, Isaac Elliot, Weston Owen (I'm actually considering naming my son this) and Brooklyn Marie are my favorites. I like Jace, but not Jace Vahn, and Jenelle was a horrible mother. Leah Leann and Neveah Lynn are names that I don't care for.

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  • I like...

    Isaac Elliot Rivera (B)

    Carolynn Elizabeth (G)




    I don't mind but would never use...









    I dislike...





    I hate...

    Bentley Cadence












    ♥ {ag}

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Bentley <3

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  • I love 16 and pregnant too!!

    My favorites are Summer Jayde Sickles and Issac Elliot Rivera

    I can tolerate the others but def. dont like:

    Lyle Thomas, Nevaeh Lynn, Brooklyn Marie

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  • Shea
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    9 years ago

    Either Isaac Elliot or Weston Owen xD

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  • 9 years ago


    Jocelyn Jade

    Isaac Elliot

    Sophia Laurent


    Leah Leann

    Nevaeh Lynn

    Aliannah & Aleeah (too close)

    Weston Owen (dog name)

    Bentley Cadence (car name)

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  • 9 years ago

    Sophia. Genesis. Jace. Bentley. and Aubree.

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  • Aleeah Grace & Bentley Cadence :)

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