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Can you make a cupcake swirl using royal icing?

I have a bake sale coming up at school soon, and I really want to make cupcakes like this:

That icing looks pretty hard, and thats the kind I want so I heard royal icing is best. But I haven't seen many people do a swirl on a cupcake like that with royal icing. And doesn't buttercream settle softly?

What kind of icing do I use to get a swirl like that on a cupcake and it to settle quite hard because I have to carry them to school and if theyre not hard they get smooshed on top of each-other :(

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    That chocolate swirl is buttercream. Buttercream is not soft enough to "settle", it should be able to stand alone.

    Royal icing is hard. Crunchy, and it won't dry in that thick a shape.

    You need to put the cupcakes in 1 layer in a box, and hold them flat & straight.

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    butter cream is okay to use. And yes royal icing is to crucnhy. try buying icing from a store and put it into a icing sqeeze bag with a decrotive tip and use food dye to color it. Let it sit in the fridge and sqeeze bag to make a design. here is a pic :

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    I see know one has answered and I sorry I can't help. Baking in not my area.

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