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Can you make a cupcake swirl using royal icing?

I have a bake sale coming up at school soon, and I really want to make cupcakes like this:

That icing looks pretty hard, and thats the kind I want so I heard royal icing is ebst. But I havent seen many people do a swirl on a cupcake like that with royal icing.

What kind of icing do I use to get a swirl like that on a cupcake and or it to settle quite hard becuase I have to carry them to school and if theyre not hard they get smooshed on top of each-other :(

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    I’m sorry to say that you can not use royal icing to do a swirl on top of a cupcake. Royal icing, in baking, is mainly used as a glue or an adhesive. The type of frosting in that picture is a chocolate butter cream frosting. It is thick enough to frost onto cupcakes, and it has a very nice texture to it. Hope this helped! Good luck with the bake sale! :D

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    you're able to make buttercream vegetation forward and freeze them - they are completely advantageous. They shouldn't soften sitting out till it fairly is great warm, and then the cake should not be sitting out all day the two. Royal icing is greater stable for the greater tender vegetation, yet once you're in simple terms speaking roses or something undemanding, buttercream is advantageous.

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