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How long does it take for feet tattoos to heal?

Hi guys. Two days ago I got some foot tattoos done (one on each foot, with a lot of detail from the ankle and onto my toes including colour and so forth). I haven't been able to get any time off work to rest my feet, and have to be on them all day for my job. I've been wearing open shoes. These are my 3rd and 4th tattoos.

I just wanted to know if any of you have experience with feet tattoos and how long they took you to heal? At times the pain just gets really intense >.<


Thanks guys :) I have been moisturizing it every few hours, washing them 2 times a day with antibacterial soap, and taking my shoes off when I can (while there's no customers in at work). Luckily it's heading into autumn here, and I am never in the sun for a long time (I only see it on my way to work).

I already have a half sleeve and I remember that that tattoo was peeling within a few days. I never experienced pain like I am getting in my feet though >.< I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew with getting both done at once. Thanks for your input :)

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    Just with any tattoo there will be the after pain similar to a sunscreen. It's good that you have been wearing open shoes, so that your feet are able to breathe and not being soaked in sweat. However open shoes leads to the possibility of harmful sun exposure that will damage the already traumatized skin. If possible every 3-4 hours you should apply a healing cream such as Aquaphor. It works great for dry, cracked, irrtated skin, burns, etc and they work wonders for the healing process of any tattoo. Always remember to keep your tattoo protected meaning keep it out of the sun when possible, using sunscreen when you don't have a choice. Keep it moisturized and clean will speed up the healing process. If you keep it like that it should heal within a week or 10 days. PLEASE remember if you get a sunburn on your tattoo it will take longer to heal. ALSO wearing shoes that are tight or ones that rub against the skin will make the tattoo longer to heal.

    Source(s): Spent a lot of time in tattoo shops, have my own tattoos, and my sister has her feet done.
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    Hey.......yeah i think feet tattoos take longer to heal because i've had mine for almost 2 weeks now and it's JUST started to peel. Unfortunately, I'll definitely need a touch up because the ink didn't take well. I think it's because of the area....the skin's so thin on the foot. But just keep caring for it. I do think they take longer than regular tattoos to heal because of its location. the one of my back peeled within like, 5 or 6 days and healed in like 2 foot one's still healing. Though I don't have any pain with mine at alll......Then again, I've had mine for a bit longer than you. It'll go away......Just try to stay off those feet if u can!

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    I badly sprained my ankle about 3 weeks ago. I was in a hurry going down the stairs, lost my balance and landed on a bad side of my left foot, causing my left ankle to be stretched going on the inside. The first 48 hours were excruciating and the pain was un-believable. I've never had a serious ankle injury before.

    So I immediately treated it using the RICE method. The following day, the bruising and swelling were so horrible. I found out that I got a second degree sprain and immediately panicked after that. I had a football game on that week and it been looking forward to it because I've been training for rt. I had teammates that had similar injuries and it took them months to fully recover, some of them stopped playing altogether. So I kinda had a short-term depression because I can't imagine myself not being able to run and play sports anymore.

    Because I was so desperate to recover again, I contacted a lot of people that I know who do sports and asked them if they had similar injuries. One friend of mine, from the boy's football team in my university, told me about H.E.M. Ankle Rehab. I got a copy 4 days after I got injured. I immediately read and followed what was instructed and felt improvement on the first day. I was able to walk a bit, but I was in pain.

    A couple of days after that, the swelling and bruising were subsid-ing significantly and on the fourth day, I was walking comfortably again. Although I've had felt a bit of stiffness, I continued doing what was instructed. My sister was surprised that I have recovered this fast. I told her about this book and was shocked on how effective the procedures were. I'm just so happy that this book was shared to me and how effective it is.

    Heal your ankle fully & fast?

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    Yes proboly feet will heart more I think it will take a few weeks to heal good luck :)

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    I got mine 3 weeks ago and it is still scabbed up and peeling some. I am definately going to need a touch up too. one whole line of mine came off and my color is all but gone.

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    9 years ago

    about 2 weeks.. use h2ocean tattoo kit, makes it look amazing and the ink will look great forever

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