What can i use to clean an airsoft gun?

I just got a jg 36c yesterday and havent fired it yet. I did charge the battery last night, juss sayin. Now i need to know if i need to clean it now or when and what to use.

First, i have paper towels, cotton pads, cotton balls, tissue paper, toilet paper. Which one should i use? I thought that all of the "paper" items, when cleaning, would leave little paper-like dust particles behind just like when blowing your nose or if you rub you fingers against them you will see what i mean. Which would completely void the point of cleaning the gun.

Second, what kind of 100% silicon oil can i get from walmart that can be used to clean an airsoft gun, and what is the price? Yes, i know that there cant be any additives in it. Please, tell me something i dont know.

Just curious, but not curious enough to try it, what would happen if i used mineral oil to clean? And, if you know, which "additives" are the ones that can mess up the gun?

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  • 9 years ago
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    take the cleaning rod that came with it and put a small piece of CLEAN cloth though the hole in the end, use airsoft silicon oil (its not worth messing up a good barrel for the price of a $5 can of oil on evike.com) spray some lube on the cloth and shove it down the barrel a few times while twisting it.

  • 9 years ago

    I recommend using an actual cloth (wash cloth towel, or clothing article) to clean your new gun. The type of silicone spray you want is not available in most grocery stores. I recommend getting it off of a site like Evike, Shorty USA, etc. I completely gunked up an old gun with WD40 once. not recommened... I'm srry if this is bad news, the lube can be expensive...

    Source(s): Evike.com ShortyUSA.com
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    wrap a cotton ball with tp and shove it in there and spin

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