Cam someone list the producers, consumers, & decomposers in an Evergreen Forest?

I searched multiple websites for hours and I can't find a thing. I need a good list. Can anyone help me?? & it would be nice if you could say why an evergreen forest is good for producers consumers and decomposers. Thanks so much.

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    Decomposers: Bacteria / fungi / lichens

    (polyporus versicolor; polyporus cinnabarinus)


    Decomposers: Ants/termites/beetles

    (wood-eating animals and recyclers)

    [driver ants; army ants (eat insects, small vertebrates, frogs, lizards); fungus beetles, click beetles, stag beetles, scarab beetles]

    images of Leaf cutter ants

    Consumers: Insects

    [tree hoppers, lantern flies]

    Consumers: Spiders

    pink-legged tarantula (eats millipedes, insects, sow bugs, other spiders)

    carpenter tarantula (eats amphibians, lizards, snakes, small mammals, birds)

    Consumers: Frogs

    (titanus gigantus; Poison Arrow Frogs)

    Frogs in Kenya

    Consumers: Snakes

    Zoological Miscellania

    Venomous snakes

    Consumers: Butterflies

    (birdwing butterfly, ulysses butterfly, morpho butterfly)

    Butterfly images

    Rainforest Butterflies and Moths

    Consumers: Birds

    [scarlet macaw; blue macaw; orange-winged Amazon grallaria; green toucan (eats fruit, large insects, small lizards); trumpeters; Brazilian scarlet tanager; trogon; turacao, sunbird; hummingbird; golden-headed manakin; crimson topaz, cuckoo; woodpecker; cock-of-the rock; black-faced hawk]

    [Birds of prey: flycatcher; leaf warbler; buzzard; sparrow hawk; bat falcon; Guyana crested eagle; turkey vulture]

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    Forest Consumers

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