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What kind of treats and human food can bunnies eat?

When I get my bunny I want to make it as comfortable as possible! Can they even eat human food? I have never given my bunny human food. I have other Questions as well... What is the calmest breed of bunny to get and how to tell them apart? Should I get a male or female...Which gender is the calmest?


Sorry, I accidentally put this in the horses section!! But if you could answer it, That would be FANTASTIC!!

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    You'll do best to stick with rabbit pellets and limit the treats. As another said, lettuce and grass/dandelions are loved by rabbits but it only takes a small amount to give them diarrhea. Use very sparingly.

    Rabbits differ in their personalities even within a breed. When picking out your new pet, handle it to find out if it enjoys being petted and handled or if it fights the contact. Rabbits are prey animals and a lot of them are pretty cautious about being picked up and handled. In time, they can come around but some may not ever be the "cuddly" pet you are wanting.

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    I have Holland Lop bunnies...they are on the small side..and very loving. Female or male? Makes no difference, just handle them as much as possible and you will have a sweet bunny. Here is a website that list things to feed as treats. My guys love alfalfa cubes, and you can buy them in a 50lb bag for like 15.00 at your local feed store. View the list of foods and if it's not on the list,

    then I wouldn't reccomend feeding it!

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    Good corn free bunny food is good with a piece of carrot, cabbage leafs, Collard leafs, Broccoli every few days, but do not feed your bunny ANY lettuce, or high water content veggies.

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    They can also eat fruits like apple and papaya.

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    You seem to be thinking of a different animal.

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