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Dueces wild who plays the deaf kid?

In the movie " Dueces Wild " who is the person who plays the deaf kid in the beginning of the movie?

the one who gets pushed and punched in face by that mob guy

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    Deuces Wild Cast:

    Stephen Dorff - Leon

    Brad Renfro - Bobby

    Fairuza Balk - Annie

    Norman Reedus - Marco

    Balthazar Getty - Jimmy "Pockets"

    Drea de Matteo - Betsy

    Max Perlich - Freddie

    Vincent Pastore - Father Aldo

    Frankie Muniz - Scooch

    Louis Lombardi - Philly Babe

    Nancy Cassaro - Esther

    Matt Dillon - Fritzy

    Deborah Harry - Wendy

    James Franco - Tino

    Joshua Leonard - Punchy

    Alba Albanese - Brenda

    Danny Cistone - Little Jack

    Johnny Knoxville - Vinnie Fish

    Mel Rodriguez - Big Dom

    Robert Miranda - Gino

    Shamus Murphy - Patty Cugire

    Ronnie Marmo - Moof

    Paul Sampson - Joey Pants

    Maurice Compte - Maurice

    George Georgiadis - Willie

    Jackie Tohn - Mary Ann

    George Palermo - Stevie Olives

    Steve Picerni - Jerry

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