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If I go into the Army National Guard (for the state of Iowa) how much of my college can I TRULY expect to?

be paid for? And I'm not looking for a recruiter example (ie- 100% and then some is what a recruiter would say), I'm wondering what I would REALISTICALLY get. My MOS would be either 13F, 11B, or possibly 15U/T. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks and 10 points best answer :)

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    1, The State of Iowa, gives a 50% tuition waiver for Iowa National Guardsmen.

    2. National Guard qualify for the reserve Select Gi Bill

    Which pays $335 per month for a full time student

    3. So if you added in your guard yearly pay, the tuition waiver and the RSGB, then it would probably be enough to pay your tuition.

    Of course, you would have to pay for books, lab fees, food and housing on your own.

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    My state, (Mississippi) paid 90% of my community college.

    the other 10% was the 70 dollar enrollment fee, the $40 parking pass and the almost $1000.00 worth of books. Paid out of my pocket.

    I heard it varies in each state. My cousin, whom was deployed twice received a full paid tuition to a 4 year university.

    I also heard some states like Alabama pay 100% of the fees and tuition owed to a college.

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    eww, why them? join the marines, theyll pay for your college

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