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What's happened to yahoo mail today April 28, 2011?

Can't get to it.

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    Unfortunately this issue is widespread and Yahoo hasn't acknowledged it yet. (Which I think sucks!) At this time, it is a waiting game because like others here, I can't check it on my phone either.

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    Also down for about 1 hour here in the UK. The error message I received is "LaunchFFC-1," but neither of the two remedies suggested by Yahoo work.

    Is anyone else receiving this message? If so, it is likely not an issue with your computer, but rather with the Yahoo servers. It would probably be wise not to mess with your settings for a while and let Yahoo deal with their own problems first. I agree, however, like any competitive company responsible for so many critical communications, Yahoo has a responsibility to notify its users immediately as to what's going on, and so far it is doing a poor job at that.

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    6+ hours without Yahoo! Mail = 10 hours of work lost. The important question is why? If this was due to a server migration or rollover to new Mail, why was it scheduled at 10am EDST on a weekday?

    I'm a paying Yahoo! Mail Plus customer who is less than thrilled about the technical difficulties.

    No press release has been issued at this time.

  • Hi,

    I'm in Michigan. Have not been able to access my mail now for over 5 hours. I get the same messages, Launch FFC-1 error or LaunchEmptyResponse , cannot access my mail from my phone either.

    It is true that this forum is better than trying to find the live customer care for premium yahoo mail plus customers who are trying to earn a living. At least here I am reassured that I am not the only frustrated,

    ignored, feeling like I'm throwing pennies into a bottomless pit when I am trying to find help from Yahoo to at least inform me that the problem is on their end and not mine...ours.... the world's.

    good grief!

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  • 9 years ago

    I am locked out too. I've been trying for about an hour, with no success as of 11 am (Central) 4/28/2011. Yahoo, what's the deal?

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    I was able to check it on my ipod touch at 7 AM Pacific time but by 9 AM I couldn't access the website anymore and still can't at 12:30. My husband also uses Yahoo mail but his account is not affected. Neither of us had upgraded to the new Beta version.

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    I'm in Santa Monica, been down for at least 2 hours so far. Error Code 17 link page shows that they are aware of the situation. They say they are upgrading the system. Would have been nice if they told us.

    Here's their announcement at the top of the error code page:


    We are in the process of upgrading all of our Yahoo! Mail servers as part of our ongoing efforts to give you the best Mail service possible. There is no need to complete this form because we already know that you've received this error. It is temporary and should clear up within a couple of hours. If it persists, please do come back and let us know. Thanks!

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    I have had the issue intermittently over the last few days but today it is completely out of service. I haven't upgraded yet and thought that was the issue until I found this thread (THANK YOU for starting it). Now I'm thinking maybe it's time to dump yahoo all together if they can't communicate to their users better than this. Only thing is, I don't think any of the other free email services are any better. I think they all see the advertisers as their client and the users as cattle (imo).

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    Yahoo should be ashamed of itself, and as far as i'm concerned, subject to a hefty fine. I am NOT swayed by the argument that yahoo mail is a 'free service' and so we're only entitled to shitty service. In fact, it is not a free service, because Yahoo is making millions of dollars by mining all of our personal data. We deserve effective service for allowing this corporation to make money off of us.

    Furthermore, if Yahoo knew that it was going to be putting email accounts out of commission for a substantial length of time, it had the responsibility to announce this to its customers. Many people rely on their email account for important communications involving their work, paying their bills, etc. Putting email accounts out of service for hours at a time without warning isn't just an inconvenience-- for many it's resulting in lost wages and productivity, and potential problems with bill collectors and service providers.

    I have used yahoo for over a decade, but am strongly considering changing to a different provider. I'm looking for a company with a little respect for its customers and basic efficiency in its services. I'm not certain that such a company exists, but Yahoo is proving that it certainly doesn't care about its customers.

  • 9 years ago

    Same here - still have problems 9:30 AM Pacific Thursday 4/28

  • 9 years ago

    The servers are down it looks like right now and it's been it looks like going up and down for the past 24 hours, says "Likely Service Disruption". Below is the link I looked on that told the status of the Yahoo Mail servers.

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