traveling to riviera maya in mexico, family bringing 2 teenage daughters,how safe are excursions?


with all of the media and the new travel advisories from the govt im a little nervous about our upcoming trip to mexico. we are staying at the barcelo maya caribe resort just about 1 hour from the airport in cancun. we have six people in our family, 2- 17 yr old daughters and a 15 and 11 yr old sons. we are taking private round trip transfers from the airport. i feel we will be safe on the resort as it is all inclusive. we did want to see chichen itza and tulum. if we book an excursion, thats where i get nervous. the time on the roads. have any families traveled there and how safe did they feel?

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  • 10 years ago
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    You are absolutely safe as can be!

    I have traveled several times alone with my daughter, starting when she was 2 years old. My husband feels perfectly fine letting his wife travel alone with a small child. We also travel as a family. Last summer, we took my older daughter's 14 year old best friend with us. This summer, we are taking my 13 year old niece.

    The excursions are all professionally done. Please remember that tourists coming from the US are their bread and butter. Every precaution is taken to ensure your safety.

    I am confident once you get there and see for yourself, you will totally relax and and unwind.

    As for the previous poster - Chichen Itza is INLAND, I'm pretty sure cruise ships NEVER go there! LOL. And Tulum is further south, but PLENTY of cruise ships stop in Cozumel.

    Source(s): I feel safer in the Cancun area than I do in South Dallas!
  • bybee
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    4 years ago

    trust what previous posts pronounced. motels are secure. Downtowns, non-touristy stuff isn't secure. in case you pass to an all inclusive motel your %. up from the airport is blanketed interior the kit (that's going to likely be the two a holiday bus or a huge bus based who you e book with) and you will not could take a cab. you would be greeted there by using the organisation rep (applevacations, funjets, and so on.) who will take you on the instant on your journey. additionally in case you're taking any excursions plan/purchase them with the organisation you're vacationing with (applevacations, funjets, and so on.), do not do it on your guy or woman just to be on the secure element. we are going there interior the summertime besides and that i plan staying on the motel and not going everywhere else. on the different hand, in case you desire to pass caribbean, you may pass to Dominican Republic or Jamaica. expenses there are comparable to Mexico (unsure the place you're coming from, yet they could be close no rely the place you're flying from - distinction particularly is the flight) and so that they have got all inclusive motels that are very very like Mexican all inclusive residences.

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  • carmac
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    10 years ago

    I don't think it is safe at all, just to let you know, all the Cruise Ships have stopped going there, if that tells you anything.

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