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Girls are these Male Celebrities hot or not?

Michael Jackson (When he was black)-


Will Smith-

Brad Pitt-


Nick Jonas-

Adam Lambert-

Johnny Depp-

Taylor Lautner-

Leonardo Dicaprio-

Snoop Dogg-

Bruno Mars-

Bradly Cooper-

Jake Gyllenhaal-


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    Michael Jackson (When he was black)- hot

    Usher- not

    Will Smith- hot

    Brad Pitt- hot

    Drake- not

    Nick Jonas- hot i guess....but kevin is better

    Adam Lambert- F*CKIN SMOKIN HOT

    Johnny Depp- hot

    Taylor Lautner-hot

    Leonardo Dicaprio- hot

    Snoop Dogg- not

    Bruno Mars- hot

    Bradly Cooper- Hot!

    Jake Gyllenha - hot

    Jay z- eww Not!

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    Michael Jackson (When he was black)- no

    Usher- no

    Will Smith- kinda

    Brad Pitt- no

    Drake- noooo

    Nick Jonas- HELL NO

    Adam Lambert- a bit

    Johnny Depp- kind of

    Taylor Lautner- yes

    Leonardo Dicaprio- yes

    Snoop Dogg- no

    Bruno Mars- **** YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

    Bradly Cooper- no

    Jake Gyllenhaal- yea

    Jay-Z - no

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I prefered Michael Jackson as white. He was still fine when he was black though.

    Usher - Yes

    Will Smith - Not really

    Brad Pitt - No

    Drake- HOT... HOT R U FURREAL. His name shouldn't be in the same sentence with h-o-t.

    Nick Jonas - Yes all the way <3 xxxxxx

    Adam Lambert - Who is he ?

    Johnny Depp - No

    Taylor Lautner - HELL YEAH

    Leonard Dicaprio - When he was younger, maybe ?! lol

    Snoop Dogg - Ewww. Who in the name of ... would consider this man a hottie.

    Bruno Mars - kinda

    Bradly Cooper - Another new name to my ears.

    Jake Gyllenhaal - Urgh

    Jay - Z - Oh HELL NO JUST PLAIN WRONG. DAMN PEOPLE WHO THINK HE's H-O-T need their eyes checked.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Michael Jackson- hot when he was black

    Usher- hot

    Will Smith- SEXY!!!

    Brad Pitt- hotter during his prime

    Drake- he's just ugly

    Nick Jonas- He's adorable

    Adam Lambert- he's ok looking

    Johnny Depp- cute

    Taylor Lautner- Hot

    Leonardo Dicaprio- HOTTTT!!!!

    Snoop Dogg- ewwwwwwww.....he's ugly like a dog no wonder he's called snoop dogg

    Bruno Mars- ok looking

    Bradly Cooper- he's alright

    Jake Gyllenhaal- Gorgeous!!!

    Jay-Z- he looks like a camel!!! he's ugly

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Michael Jackson- HELL NO

    Usher- EW, he's too busy banging Justin Beiber anyway

    Will Smith- Again, HELL NO

    Brad Pitt-Looks like a stoner now


    Nick Jonas-Creepy

    Adam Lambert- Meh.

    Johnny Depp- ok

    Taylor Launter- Looks like he got run over

    Leonardo Dicaprio-Reaally cute when he debuted

    Snoop Dogg- Hell to da no

    Bruno Mars- Cute

    Bradly Cooper- Hot

    Jake Gyllenhaal-Sexy

    Jay-Z AHHHHHHH, MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    3 years ago

    Hot Or Not Celebrities

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    When he was black? Are you kidding me? You mean when he was young? Because people tend to lose their good looks as they get older. And in Michael's case, he lost a lot of weight (stress) and had to wear wigs and makeup because vitiligo took out ALL his color and the Pepsi accident and his lupus caused his hair loss.

    It had nothing to do with his skin color. Because he was FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE as HELL white. All throughout his 30's, especially. <3___<3

    See for yourself. :D




    LOOK AT THEM!!!!

    So my answer is, yes, I do think Michael was hot. Always. :)

    Usher- Yes.

    Will Smith- YES.

    Brad Pitt- Sometimes.

    Drake- No.

    Nick Jonas- He's cute, but I wouldn't say hot.

    Adam Lambert- No.

    Johnny Depp- Yes.

    Taylor Lautner- Not really... I don't know, there's something about his face that just.. annoys me.

    Leonardo Dicaprio- When he was younger.

    Snoop Dogg- No.

    Bruno Mars- No.

    Bradly Cooper- Dunno who this is.

    Jake Gyllenhaal- Sometimes.I think he was gorgeous in Donnie Darko. <3

    Jay-Z- No.

    * Just because I said "no" to some of these, doesn't mean I think they're ugly. They're just not hot. And like Michael Jackson, some of these guys looked better YOUNGER, not "blacker". Like Gyllenhaal and Decaprio; they were BEAUTIFUL teens.

    Source(s): Sorry if I ranted. I think I'm getting my period soon.
  • 3 years ago

    Will Smith - attractive Ian Somerhalder - he seems somewhat gay Ryan Gosling - ok Johnny Depp - astonishing Drake - no longer for me Bruno Mars - he's gorgeous James Franco - alluring smile, quite beautiful David Beckham - great warm Robert Pattinson - generic, his head is in a unusual and wonderful formed Eminem - in simple terms ok Leonardo Dicaprio - he used to seem great great yet now in simple terms ok Zayn Malik - no longer possibly. yet alluring eyes

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    alot of these people that you named aged.. alot of them were alot better looking in their prime.. honestly the only one that i find really really attractive is johnny depp.. hes like a glass of wine.. he gets better with age.. sure there are some good looking dudes that you listed.. but for example leonardo dicaprio looks like **** now.. he used to be really hot





    Drake-not really











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