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Girls are these Male Celebrities hot or not?

Michael Jackson (When he was black)-


Will Smith-

Brad Pitt-

Brad Pitt-

Joe Jonas-

Adam Lambert-

Johnny Depp-

Taylor Lautner-

Leonardo Dicaprio-

Snoop Dogg-

Bruno Mars-

Bradly Cooper-

Jake Gyllenhaal-


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    Michael Jackson (When he was black)- hahaha! when he was black, truthfully he was sexy either way.

    Usher- No, just cute.

    Will Smith- Not sexy, just handsome.

    Brad Pitt- Handsome

    Joe Jonas- No

    Adam Lambert- Don't be gross

    Johnny Depp- Deadly sexy

    Taylor Lautner- No

    Leonardo Dicaprio- Beautifully sexy

    Snoop Dogg- He' alright

    Bruno Mars- He's pretty for a guy

    Bradly Cooper- Don't know who that is?

    Jake Gyllenhaal- YES

    Jay-Z- He's alright

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Michael Jackson (When he was black)- Not really, no. Kinda cute, but not hot.

    Usher- No.

    Will Smith- Yeah

    Brad Pitt- Yes

    Brad Pitt- Yes, again.

    Joe Jonas- No

    Adam Lambert- No

    Johnny Depp- YES

    Taylor Lautner- Nah, too young for me.

    Leonardo Dicaprio- He's ok, yeah

    Snoop Dogg- No

    Bruno Mars- No

    Bradly Cooper- Yes

    Jake Gyllenhaal- Yes


  • 9 years ago

    Michael Jackson (When he was black)- No.

    Usher- No.

    Will Smith- Kind of.

    Brad Pitt- No.

    Joe Jonas- A bit?

    Adam Lambert- Yes.

    Johnny Depp- A bit.

    Taylor Lautner- Yes.

    Leonardo Dicaprio- A bit.

    Snoop Dogg- No.

    Bruno Mars- HELL TO THE YEAHHHHHHHH!!!! Biggest hooligan right here <3

    Bradly Cooper- Who the **** is this..?

    Jake Gyllenhaal- yes.

    Jay-Z- I might go blind.

  • 9 years ago

    Michael Jackson (When he was black)- He was good looking

    Usher- He's hot

    Will Smith- hot

    Brad Pitt- use to be hot but now he's getting old

    Brad Pitt- ummm....already mentioned

    Joe Jonas- HOOOOOOOT

    Adam Lambert- hot

    Johnny Depp- he's ok

    Taylor Lautner- Ok...

    Leonardo Dicaprio- HOT!!!!!!!!

    Snoop Dogg- eww...ewww.... eww.... snoop dogg is ugly; why is he in this category???

    Bruno Mars- not too bad looking

    Bradly Cooper- hot

    Jake Gyllenhaal- Gorgeous

    Jay-Z- Ewww.....camel ugly;

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  • omesh
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    3 years ago

    Michael Jackson (while he became black)- no Usher- no Will Smith- kinda Brad Pitt- no Drake- noooo Nick Jonas- HELL NO Adam Lambert- slightly Johnny Depp- form of Taylor Lautner- specific Leonardo Dicaprio- specific Snoop Dogg- no Bruno Mars- **** YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Bradly Cooper- no Jake Gyllenhaal- yea Jay-Z - no

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    LOL Jay -z & joe jonas don't even deserve to be on that list

  • zAaM
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    9 years ago

    MJ 10

  • No, they're SUPER FLAMMIN' HOT!

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