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how to report and stop an internet fraud?

I have received the following email through spam mail informing me of a purchase which I haven't made. How can I stop them from charging me on my credit card? can it be that my credit card details are stolen by them ?

How can I stop This fraud.

Following is the email text which I received:

Thank you for ordering from Broadcast Music, Inc.

This message is to inform you that your order has been received and is

currently being processed.

Your order reference is 055065. You will need this in all correspondence.

This receipt is NOT proof of purchase. We will send a printed invoice by

mail to your billing address.

You have chosen to pay by credit card. Your card will be charged for the

amount of 470.00 USD and "Broadcast Music, Inc." will appear next to the

charge on your statement. l

Your purchase information appears below in the file.

Broadcast Music, Inc.

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    It is called "Phishing" what you must do is:

    1) Call your bank and make sure there are no charges

    2) If charges were made you can simply issue an allegation

    3) Most likely there was no such charge and they are trying to get your info, mark the email as spam and forget about it, you are all set.

    4) If no charges are reflected by your bank, then just call back the bank after 72 hrs. to verify.


    Option B) If the email is real: Your son, brother, girlfriend may have just used your card without asking :p

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    could be a your credit card company now

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