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Badges Required for Pokemon Dream World?

Are certain badges requires to unlock Windswept Sky and Shining Ocean? In the game I use to collect Dream World Pokemon, I only have one badge. I have more than enough points to go to Windswept Sky, but after about 26 visits, all I've gotten is Pleasant Forest.

Do I need to collect badges to unlock the new areas in which Pokemon appear at higher levels?

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    The same thing happened to me - I went from 2500 Dream Points to 5250 before I finally decided to get more badges since it was the only thing I was doing differently from my friends who all had access already and had the same amount of DP I did. And, lo and behold, the next day I was allowed to go to the Windswept sky. I can't be sure about this though, as I'm at 7k DP right now and once again find myself unable to access the Shining Ocean. However, this might again be due to the fact that I only have 5 badges instead of all 8.

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    No, badges have no relevence in the Dream World. To access Windswept Sky and Shining Ocean you need to acrue 2,500 and 5,000 Dream Points respectively. You can check your current Dream Point total from the Global Link main page, click Profile after logging in, then the Dream World tab. Your total is under the image of your Dream House.

    Pokemon in the newer areas still appear at level 10, I believe.

    Edit: Okay, after reading Rona's answer I feel inclined to investigate. I haven't seen any articles mentioning a link between badges and access to Dream World areas. I'm intrigued now.

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    The pokemon that look on the Wishing Tree are truthfully the Pokemon that different consumers have uploaded. it is at present no longer possible to get carry of Mew or Mewtwo interior the Dream international.

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