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關於這賺英文的翻譯 Thermos公司



The steps that Monte Peterson, former CEO of Thermos,took to develop a new barbecue grill show how good product development shouldproceed. Peterson had no doubt about how to increase Thermos’s sales ofbarbecue grills: motivate Thermos’s functional managers to create new and improved models. So Petersonassembled a cross-functional product development team of six functionalmanagers (from marketing, engineering, manufacturing, sales, and finance) andtold them to develop a new barbecue grill within 18 months. To ensure that theywere not spread too thin, he assigned them to this team only. Peterson alsoarranged for leadership of the team to rotate. Initially, to focus on whatcustomers wanted, the marketing manager would take the lead; then, whentechnical developments became the main consideration, leadership would switchto engineering; and so on.

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    保溫瓶前首席執行官蒙特 · 彼得森帶去發展新的燒烤的步驟顯示了如何好產品發展 shouldproceed。彼得森了如何提高保溫瓶的銷售 ofbarbecue 烤架不容置疑: 激勵保溫瓶的職能經理來創建新的和改進的模型。那麼 Petersonassembled 跨職能部門產品開發團隊的六個 functionalmanagers (從行銷、 工程、 製造、 銷售和財務) andtold,發展新的燒烤烤 18 個月內。若要確保,在酒店吃早餐) 不傳播太薄,他分配給此團隊只。彼得森 alsoarranged 旋轉團隊領導。最初,注重 whatcustomers 想,市場行銷經理會起帶頭作用 ;然後,whentechnical 發展成為主要的考慮因素,領導會切換工程 ;等等等等。

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