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? asked in PetsHorses · 9 years ago

Is it safe to ride and retrain a pregnant mare?

I found a stallion I'd love to breed my mare to, but she needs some retraining (we've been working with her and she's coming along well, just hadn't been finished or ridden in a while) and I'm taking her to school with me in the fall for equine business management/horse training. So I wouldn't be alone in taking care of her. There's 3 nationally known horse trainers at my school.

She is my first horse and would be first foaling, but her previous owners bred her a couple times and said she was a great mom.

I just have no idea if it'd be safe for the pregnancy, to work with her?


p.s.- haven't bred yet- just found a stud with good bloodlines, conformation, temperament, and affordable.

trying to decide if it'd be safe to breed her or not.

Will be kept in a stall and mostly ridden in arena, but ridden every day. Wouldn't be cutting cattle or anything rough...

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  • Elaine
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    9 years ago
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    Yes it is safe, many of the horses at the yard I worked at were ridden up until a month before they were due, it's easier for the mare to give birth if she is fit. Obviously not heavy work. I know of one horse that we didn't even know was pregnant and she had her foal straight after a ride! It would be good to work closely with your vet to watch her health wether she is been ridden or not.

    Remember though, after the foal is born your mare would need need 6 months off to feed the foal.

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  • 9 years ago

    Its safe to ride a pregnant mare until a few weeks before her due date.

    However, as a trainer, and due to my personal believes, I don't like riding prego horses after they really start ballooning out.

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  • 9 years ago

    I wouldn't think it would be safe to ride her, for her or you.If she got spooked or something and she fell she could get injured. I would speak to your vet about riding her while she is pregnant. Good luck with her and congrats with the new baby foal.

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