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What evidence/reasoning is there for God and against science?

I kinda want to be religious now, it turns out atheism was all lies. They're cocky and no different at claiming to know everything from most Christians I know. Theyre hateful and mean and I obviously know nothing of science no matter how hard I try I want to be religious really bad right now but I want a reason to believe in it first...

what evidence is there for god? i want to love of god in my heart... but i cant just believe something without evidence.

Im also an evolutionist but I dont want to be anymore, im too dumb and dont really know what im talking about. What evidence is there against evolution and the big bang?


Im serious.... ?


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    Do not let the small groups of Atheists and Creationists make you believe that you have to choose between God and humanity's ongoing discovery of God's Creation through Science. This is not true.

    Truth cannot contradict Truth. -- Pope Leo XIII

    Most Jews and Christians do not take the stories of creation in the Bible literally. We believe the stories included in first 11 chapters of Genesis tell religious truth but not necessarily historical fact.

    One of the religious truths is that God created everything and declared all was good.

    Catholics can believe in the theories of the big bang or evolution or both or neither.

    On August 12, 1950 Pope Pius XII said in his encyclical Humani generis:

    The Teaching Authority of the Church does not forbid that, in conformity with the present state of human sciences and sacred theology, research and discussions, on the part of men experienced in both fields, take place with regard to the doctrine of evolution, in as far as it inquires into the origin of the human body as coming from pre-existent and living matter - for the Catholic faith obliges us to hold that souls are immediately created by God.

    Here is the complete encyclical:

    And here is the Address of Pope John Paul II to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on October 22, 1996 speaking of the Theory of Evolution:

    Here is an interesting article about Pope John Paul II's opinion in the matter:

    The Church supports science in the discovery of God's creation. At this time, the big bang and evolution are the most logical scientific explanations.

    As long as we believe that God started the whole thing, both the Bible and responsible modern science can live in harmony.

    Here is a nice list of Christian thinkers in science:

    The Clergy Letter Project an open letter endorsing the Theory of Evolution signed by over 10,000 clergy from many different Christian denominations:

    I suggest you read "New Proofs for the Existence of God: Contributions of Contemporary Physics and Philosophy" by Robert J. Spitzer

    With love in Christ.

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    There are three things when it comes to science and Religion

    1. Before Darwin made his book everyone used religion as a source of how the world was made but once we found out about Evolution Christians all of sudden said too things about it "One Evolution isn't real or Two God used Evolution in his Creation"

    2. When Science said that Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago it went against everything Christians said about how the earth was 6,000 years old so again Christians said 2 things about Dinosaurs "1 its not okay to believe in Dinosaurs or 2 God created Dinosaurs but Dinosaurs did not live millions of years ago and that during the time of Noah in the bible that it speaks of Dinosaurs and says man walked the earth with Dinosaurs"

    3. When Science said that there is more then one universe and or universe and that THERE could be LIFE on other planets christians are now saying yet again 2 things to people "1 Aliens do not exist or 2 God created aliens and that we shouldn't limit God even though the Bible Never talks about life of other planets"

    So if you look at three things that Science has proven or is Trying to prove (existence of Aliens) Christians will make up something to say its wrong or that God knew about it all along.

    If we do find out that there is life on other planets then to me it proves that Science was right all along and Dinosaurs, Evolution of Man, Evolution in general and the Earth being billions of years old is all true.

    And in my opinion we will find ET years from now and when we do God will be proven wrong yet again.

    Source(s): ET needs to be Saved by Jesus Christ
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    For the people who know GOD and have the holy spirit in them , they see evidence of GOD everyday. I know a lot about science and am very intelligent and understand many things that people don't seem to. Thanks to GOD I see his works everyday in my life and sometimes others. If everyone had scientific evidence then people that didn't truly believe in GOD and were good in their heart would say they believe in GOD only to please others , but GOD only wants the people who truly want a relationship with him. Everything happens for a reason and not having scientific proof yet... is one of them. Everyone will see GODs truth in time , no doubt about that.

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    God never denies evolution, or the "Big Bang". The evidence for God is the existence of everything. Why are we here? How could it've just occurred?

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  • There is no evidence against science at all, only against popular scientific theories. For instance the big bang isnt the only version of the start of the universe but there are other concepts and talks of a multi-verse. Also there is more than one theory of evolution so if one is wrong that only ads support for the others. The only thing that even shows only support for god is the science of Quantum Physics but its from speculation of that science rather than the science itself, however this is better information than others might be trying to give i can assume before i even post and find out.

    EDIT: Okay i will explain the Quantum Physics thing better with a video however this means any god from any religion can exist so this is very postmodern like

    Youtube thumbnail

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    Youtube thumbnail


    Im answering anyways since your probably trolling but like i said with what i said it pretty much means whatever you beleive is what there is ... sort of but not in an entirety.

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    The evidence is everywhere. The argument that won me over was the "Design" argument, but there are others.

    DNA shows that the information found in it is very specified. This is the "Design" argument. Evolution runs into a heap of problems in explaining how such specified information can develop on its own (Each strand is billions of nucleotide bases long... even one out of place and the cells will not form properly).

    The other argument I ran into was looking at the proof of the ressureciton... it's impossible to fathom why all these people would go out and be willing to die for Christ if He wasn't really risen from the dead (Even Saul of Tarsus, who was a persecutor of Christians mere moments later, as well as James, who didn't believe in Christ during the ministry). You can die for a lie someone told you, but every piece of data we have shows that humans only lie when they have something to gain, and the apostles had ZERO reason to lie, as they gained nothing out of their ministry but an untimely death.

    If you're still not convinced, check the sources I listed. They can answer any other quesitons you may have.

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    there is a false dichotomy that seems to be permeating the world for some reason...It is this idea that religion and science are somehow mutually exclusive...

    The truth is that religion and true science do not contradict each other at all...

    A person can believe in God and ALSO believe in science. (as long as the science is accurate and true)

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    not wanting to be an atheist because all the ones you've encountered were idiots is a very juvenile reason. in fact, being involved in atheism itself just because you thought it was going to be fun is even worse. sorry mang, good luck finding your place.

    by the way, no solid evidence. people will say "look around you", but i don't think that constitutes very well. neither does "the bible" or "near death experiences" since neither are reliable.

    four thumbs down? HATERS GON' HATE. but i'm being perfectly honest, not trying to be (overly) rude

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    If you need proof to believe in God then you dont have faith in him.

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