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2001 Toyota celica gt or Trd?

Should I buy a 2001 Toyota celica with 72k miles for 5699 plus fees or should I buy a 2001 celica gt TRD for 6500 WITH fees?

Would I be better trading the TRD package for 50k less miles? Even if the one with 72k miles comes out to 6500 like the TRD model, should I buy it instead since it does have 50k miles. Let me know what you think and about what you think about this car, first time buying a car and I love these!

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    If youre saying the TRD has 50k more miles than the 72k mile GT I would def. buy the GT. 122k is a lot compared to 72k. Plus the TRD package is just different bumpers skirts wing and muffler. Its not worth it. Buy the GT and buy the trd wing and body kit new off ebay for 500 bucks and get an OBX catback exhaust and header for about 300 bucks maybe a cold air intake and there you go. OR just buy a 6sp gt-s and modify it. I own ab2000 celica gt and love it but I love the gt-s a lot more. Hope this helps

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