Good career move, or a waste of my time.......?

Ok so I am a sophomore in high school, and I am thinking of taking cosmetology for the next two years. I plan on taking it during school throughout my junior and senior year, and then I'd only have one semester of it left after high school before having my cosmetology license.

I don't plan on being a cosmetologist as a full time career, even though I really enjoy it.

I plan to go to college to become either a dentist, internist,(doctor) or An optometrist(eye doctor)

I was thinking because they take so long in college, depending on what Career I choose, it will be between 6 to 10 years of college.

I thought if I had my cosmetology license i could get a part time job at a salon and make good money doing that while I am attending college for so many years.

Would it be possible to work at a salon as a cosmetologist while attending college in those professions, or would I not have enough time?

I am wondering if taking cosmetology and getting my license is a good idea for those reasons, or if it would just be a waste of my time!


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  • 10 years ago
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    I don't think cosmetology is the best field to have as your background for medical school, dental school or optometry. You need something in the health care field.

    Source(s): ER PA /MD
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Cosmetology would be one option, but I think there are better ones. You should consider looking into becoming a State tested nursing assistant. You will learn a ton about the medical field!

  • 10 years ago

    Just my take on the whole scene

    Cosmetics are UN-NATURAL

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