Wow what did you think about what happened

First, My opinion is I never realized how disrespectful some "fans" can be. Seriously, give it up. Sore Winners, honestly. Especially the fans that didn't even have a team playing tonight!

I wanted Tampa to win, they won, But Heck I give the Pens tons of credit for what they accomplished. Fleury was amazing and he gained a lot of my respect for making the saves he did. And same goes to Carey Price. Also, Price and Thomas high fiving eachother before the third period, wishing eachother good luck showed mad respect. Questions:

1. What do you think will be a better series.....Washington vs Tampa, or Boston vs Philly?

2. What could have Montreal and Pittsburgh done better tonight to win? Or do you think they did alright but just didn't work out?

3. What team will have it tougher in the 2nd round, Boston or Tampa, and why?

Sorry to Habs and Pens fans.....Congrats Boston and Tampa fans!


@@Tampa: Actually, here there is Pens, Flyers, Habs, Stars, and other fans I'm cool with (Like Pat lol) I'm not saying get along with every fan, I'm just saying the amount of disrespect is ridiculous. Plus I wasn't seeing any Pens fans coming on and talking crap....the ones that have are trolls. And Tampa has Stevie to all Wing Fans it IS still our business!

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    9 years ago
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    Sorry, I hate Detroit and most of their fans (not you, VIP, and Ralph; wherever he may be).

    1.Obvious pick for me with the Philly v. Boston a 2 v. 3 with history being made last year I think it will be a great series but I feel more confident with the Flyers going into this series against the Bruins than they were going up Buffalo.

    2. Montreal had 5 on 5 problems and Roman Hamrlik should of never dove.

    Pittsburgh from the third period I watched it was scoring I don't think Tampa outplayed them I thought Roloson did.

    3. Boston...Flyers are a much better team than the Habs. Tampa has played Washington six times this year and from what I saw they seemed pretty competitive.

    Edit: Sorry I forgot about Meerkat...most REGULAR Detroit fans in this section I will say =)

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Couldn't agree more. The only thing I hate more than a sore loser is a sore winner. I know for a fact that Lightning fans wouldn't be anywhere to be found on here if they would have lost, yet one of them comes on here and asks "where are the Penguins fans at?". Anyway to answer your questions:

    1. Washington. Tampa is still inexperienced and will be facing an experienced Washington team which is also not injury riddled like Pittsburgh was

    2. I think Carey Price could have done better. I also think Pittsburgh did pretty good. They dominated Tampa statistically, but Dwayne Roloson had a career night.

    3. Like I said before, Tampa will have it much tougher than against Pittsburgh.

    Sorry misread the first Q, Philly vs. Boston will be a better series. Thought you said who will have a better series, lol.

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  • Snid
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    9 years ago

    Hey, Pat! What about ME?! :o)

    1. I think that Boston/Philly will be the better series. Washington bores me to watch.

    2. Kept that last puck out of the net. sorry for being so trite.

    3. Tampa will have a tougher second round. The Caps are more rested.

    I try to ignore the disrespect. Some kids see it as a way to make their own team look better. It doesn't, but they don't know that. As long as there are hockey fans it's a good thing! As a fan of hockey I feel I have the right to root for whatever team I wanna root for. Or against. BUT, I try not to diss the teams. I might jab at a player or two. Okay, I really hate San Jose but it's hate out of respect for how good they are.

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  • Siggy
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    9 years ago


    So my Bruins survived, even without a powerplay goal, but I do have a new respect for many Canadien players- Subban, Price and Gill in particular...I always liked Cammalleri.

    Price and Thomas are buds...that "fight" was sort of staged- they had to. I think they respect each other as players AND as a person.

    1. I think the B's -Philly series will get ugly. The Bruins need this...yeah, no pressure! haha

    2. Montreal played well, but they were outplayed 5 on 5; if it wasn't for special teams, this series would not have been so close. Pittsburgh- they overacheived, in my eyes. good season considering they had neither "star"

    3. Boston. Another dragon to slay!

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  • 1.) Boston vs Philly - will be bad blood in that one due to last year.

    2.) Not sure what more Pittsburgh could of done tonight. We threw the kitchen sink at the Lightning in that 3rd period at the Lightning and it still wasn't enough. I guess if there's one thing we could of done better, it would be trying to shoot the puck more on the PP. None of this perimeter pass after perimeter pass stuff. Oh well, like I said... not much more could of been done. We had some BS luck all year, so I guess it fits that it ends that way. All congratulations definitely go to Tampa Bay though. Coming back from a 3-1 deficit isn't easy, I don't care who you are and how many players are out for the opposing team.

    3.) Boston because they are going to meet up with the Flyers who have finally woken up from their 1 month sleep.

    Now it's time to go into full Anti-Capitals mode.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1. Boston - Philly.

    2. Pens needed to be better on their power play. They were awful the whole series.

    3. Tampa.

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  • 1.Tampa vs Washington

    2.Montreal had tons of chances to win and couldn't as for Pittsburgh they just met an awesome defence from Tampa tonight

    3.Boston. The Broad Street Bullies will be flying

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  • 9 years ago

    1. Boston/Philly should be interesting considering what happened last year.

    2. Pitt- more offense- story of the series for them.

    MTL- I don't know, they played a solid road game... Boston just played better, not much you can do about that

    3. Tampa. They're the underdog in the East.

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  • i totally agree with you.

    1. tampa and washington of course

    2. dunno about MTL, didnt see any of the game. but pitts did pretty well, its just their PP that needs work. i mean 1-35 is atrocious, otherwise they did very well.

    3. tampa.playing against the greasiest team is never easy. i cant imagine it would be any easier in the playoffs.

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