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Why does everyone hate Donald Trump?

I think he is hilarious

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    He is comical, but he also represents the worst of this country. Here is an example.

    In 1993, when Donald Trump sought to expand his property holdings around his Atlantic City casino and hotel (to build a parking lot designed for limousines), he bought several lots adjacent to his property. Coking, who had lived in her house at that time for about 35 years, refused to sell. This was not the first time Coking had been asked to sell her property for development. When Coking refused to sell to Trump, the city of Atlantic City condemned her house, using the power of eminent domain. Her designated compensation was to be $251,000,about one quarter of what it had been valued ten years earlier.

    Even with his high priced lawyers and connections Trump still lost to a little old lady. Trump is a 21st century Vaudeville Villain.

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    I posted this question 5 years ago.... wow!

    Since Trump has been in the news for the last few months as a presidential candidate I have been receiving emails from this question. So an update (if anyone is curious) on my opinion of Trump now :D

    I still find the man to be hilarious, he has a humorous way about himself and he is even comical appearance wise. He spoke out about the immigration problem in this country which was something that needed to be addressed. Unfortunately the man has very bad wording and it was all made into a racial issue so he didn't help the problem any. He doesn't seem to have any real plans on what he will do if he gets into office. So no, I don't think Trump is presidential material.

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    Donald Trump is the best thing that has ever happened to America, he is like amazing grace to America! The only reason people call him racist, sexist, against gays, etc. is because this generation is full of emotionally weak people and everything has to be watered down, because it's offensive, even the truth. Democrats and Liberals complain about him building a wall. So China has a wall, Germany has a wall, why not us. Other countries used to be scared of us now we are being walked on for the past 8 years and our military is as weak as it has been since World War 2 because of Obama, yes, Obama did this. Now America needs to stand up and fight back, I could literally sit here and type a 10 paragraph essay about how great Donald Trump is but I won't do it unless it is necessary, if someone wants to argue with me, step right up. We need more people that will step up and argue for what they support anyway. We definitely need more people like Donald Trump, this guy is perfect for president! This is my answer to "Why does everyone hate Donald Trump?", the answer is, not everyone hates Donald Trump, but those who do hate Trump don't care about our country.

    Make America Great Again!

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  • They either think one of these things or all of them

    - Cocky/Arrogant/Full of himself - he always says he's better than everyone etc.

    -Brags about money - similar to the last one he brags about his 4 billion dollars

    - Insults people - people don't think he can be a serious president when all he does is disparage people

    -financial not political - people think he will not know how to run a country right whereas people like jeb bush and politicians do.

    Personally, I like trump. He has some good ideas and isn't like other politicians who are all talk, don't do what they say, and dodge questions.

    Now, someone I do hate is Hillary, She is an absolute b**ch. She's broken the laws many times and the media tries to cover it up, yet if trump says something a little off, its on the news headlines.

    Hillary for prosecution, NOT president.

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    Here's my opinion on Trump:

    He's doing everything for the votes and his own enjoyment. People who think Donald is on their side just because you both have the same opinion are idiots. Yes, he has good points. Yes, he has money. These aren't comparable, though, to the million of faults he has. He's racist, homophobic and sexist as a person stated a few comments above. How is he racist? This is the most obvious answer: he puts Muslims, Mexicans, and every other race he can down. It's a surprise his wife (who's an immigrant) can still stand him! The things money can do! How's he homophobic? He was against gay/lesbian marriage and he doesn't support transgenders. How is he sexist? He calls woman stupid, good for nothing and think they're useless to have unless it's for sex, cooking and used for decoration. These are all the traits an average American has. No wonder why it's one of the worst countries! Now, I'm an American. I was born here (unlike his wife) but I have Native-American, French and Hispanic ancestry. Donald has German ancestry (just like Adolf Hitler). For those voting for this incompetence person and are going to tell me how I used race and immigrants and how I put him down, notice that I used all of his tactics to get your attention.

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    If everyone hated Donald Trump he wouldn't be doing as well as he is in head to head match ups against Clinton.

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    The CORRUPT American corporations and politically empowered ( who have abused their elected offices to get rich by forcing us to become poorer ) bitterly oppose and hate anything they can't blackmail, bribe, influence, intimidate and/or outright own.

    It is these people, along with Hillary Clinton, who bitterly oppose Donald Trump. It is these people who are spending million$ in PR campaigns to try and sway feeble minded voters from casting votes for Trump.

    The resonant clear true fact is: Not "everyone" hates Donald Trump.

    Hillary's decision to "leak" that 2005 audio tape of Donald Trump BACKFIRED and now has confirmed MORE voters to choose Donald Trump this November 8th. The harder Hillary tries to discredit Trump, the more voters are committed to voting for Trump!

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    Trump is not hated by "everyone". But the mainstream media would have people thinking that everyone hates him. So the "hate" is mostly media spin, and media distortions of what Trump has said.

    For example, Trump said there should be a ban on Syrian refugees until we can vet them, or make they are not terrorist. But the was distorted by the media to the point that some people thinks Trump wants to ban Muslim already living in the United States. Its called media spin.

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    Tbh I'd rather have kanye as president Donald trumps presidency is a social experiment testing the ignorance of this society

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