What do you think of this Latino group targets Hammond police for contacting feds during arrest?

An official with a national Latino civil rights group worries that a recent arrest of an illegal immigrant means a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment has reached into the northwest corner of Indiana, an area considered much more diverse than the rest of the state.

The group fears Latinos in Hammond may be targeted by police at the same time Hoosier lawmakers consider a watered-down immigration bill.

“You have an area of our country, Indiana, where there’s a lot of anti-immigrant sentiment today and the introduction of an anti-immigrant bill,” said Julie Contreras, a Chicago area resident who deals with immigration for the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). “We do not want our community to be profiled inside of Hammond, Indiana, or any part of Indiana.”

Contreras’ ire was sparked after the April 15 arrest of a 22-year-old illegal immigrant, Pedro Herrera Robles of Calumet City, Illinois, a city that’s across the state line from Hammond, Indiana.

Contreras said Robles was arrested on a charge of public intoxication outside of his house after returning from a long day of work.

“His fiancé advises me that he was coming home from work, drinking in front of his house with a few friends. She wasn’t sure how exactly he was approached by the law enforcement agent. Just that the next thing she knew her fiancé was calling her from inside the facility (Hammond jail),” Contreras said.

Contreras said police then contacted officials with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), who requested police hold Herrera.

On April 18 Herrera went before a Hammond city judge on the misdemeanor charge and was to be released on bond, but police did not let him leave. Instead, they held Herrera until ICE picked him up the next day.

Contreras said the delay meant Herrera was held beyond the legal time limit of 48 hours.

“What was this man actually doing in front of his home? He was doing nothing but enjoying an alcoholic beverage or carrying an alcoholic beverage,” Contreras said. “Now, he’s criminalized, arrested on a misdemeanor charge, not released, given to ICE. He is now in deportation proceedings and in the next three months he will have to face an immigration judge for immigration charges for possible deportation.”

Contreras is requesting a May 4 meeting with Hammond police brass to review how the department deals with illegal immigrants and the Hispanic community.



Is Hispanic community saying they should be allowed to drink and get drunk and police should not bother them ? This is how many DUI"S happen they want the illegals to be above the law

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  • KIZE
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    9 years ago
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    It is sickening how they believe these people should get away with all these crimes. Let a citizen hit an illegal while drunk and they want to put them in jail for life. Amazes me the hypocrisy involved with illegal aliens. Totally disgusting!!

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  • 9 years ago

    I`m confused here . Are you trying to tell us something here or ask for advice of some sorts or are you trying to organise something to stop a deportation?

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