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Should I go to Ohio State or University of Illinois for undergrad? I got into aerospace engineering at both.?

University of Illinois is ranked in the top 50 for national universities and has a top 10 engineering program and Ohio State is not far behind. Illinois seems much more educational, smarter, and more diverse, while ohio state seems much more fun, has more spirit, and is very athletic...but they're both Big Ten schools so I'm pretty sure they both give a very good education and are a lot of fun. My plan is to go through the aerospace program, then go into patent law...or medicine--many engineers do go into medicine.

I live in chicago, so U of I is about 3 hours away and Ohio State is about 7 and a half. I have visited both and I liked both and I obviously can't choose. Illinois seems more like a college town and is more compact, while Ohio State is more city based and is more open. I also happen to have an Uncle who lives about 15-20 minutes from Ohio State

Ohio State will cost me about $30,000 per year and Illinois will cost me $27,000. I also got accepted into Purdue, but it's out of state and they offered me NO money so its cost is $42,000 per year. I definitely liked Ohio State and Purdue's presentation better on the tour and Ohio State has a nicer campus with access to the city, but that probably makes little difference. ALSO, THESE SCHOOLS ALL HAVE A LOT OF STUDENTS, SO THEY HAVE A LOT OF GIRLS...(my excuse for putting my question in this category). Any of these schools will obviously be very expensive, but I need to make a choice and make it soon...The deadline is Sunday, May 1. Could you base your answers on good info. Thanks.

U.S. News and World Report School Ranking: Illinois: 47, Ohio State and Purdue: tied for 56.

Aerospace engineering ranking: Purdue: 4, Illinois: 6 (tied with Stanford), Ohio State: approx 25

I also know that Illinois has a good law program and Ohio State has a good medical program.

Illinois has the best engineering program overall, but factoring all other things in.....?

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    That's a no-brainer. U of I is a much better school than Ohio State.

    I graduated from U of I in the mid 90s, and based on my time there, I can tell you that the engineering department is full of talented students. One guy that lived on my dorm floor was a Mechanical Engineeering student, and he scored a 36 on his ACT and chose Illinois over MIT. The valedictorian of my high school studied Aersopace Engineering at U of I. I think her ACT was around a 33 or 34, and she is now working in a related field after graduation.

    Beyond the strong academics, U of I is also a very good time. Since the bar entry age is 19, you will be able to go out to the bars as a freshman or sophomore. Obviously, since you wil be studying engineering, you'll want to limit your fun to Friday and Saturday nights, but when you do party, I guarantee you'll have a good time.

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    I know several people who did aerospace engineering at Ohio State and loved it. I can tell you from experience that you will NOT go home often if you are seven hours away, so if that's something you want to do, the closer option is probably best. Beyond that, both schools are very good choices, so pick the one whose campus felt the most like home. Good luck!

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    Compare and contrast the general education and major requirements and see which one is more appealing to you. See links below.

    If you want to go into medicine, consider biomedical, biological or chemical engineering. It would be easier to fit in your pre-medical coursework (one year each of lecture/lab courses in general/inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, and physics, possibly calculus and biochem).

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