Can you convert an evaporated cooler home to a regular a/c system?

We are looking at buying a home, and a many that we are looking at have an evap cooling system. How much work would be involved if we wanted to convert the system to a regular heating and a/c system. Will the same vents work? Can both run on the same vents? I have heard that evap is great at cooling until the humidity gets too high. We just moved to Alb., NM from Phx, AZ. Want to make sure my summer is comfortable.

Thanks in advance.


OK, now I am confused. I guess this is 2 questions.

1. Can an Evap system be swapped out for regular A.C. system using same vents?

2. Can a regular A/C be piggy backed with an evap using the same vent system?

Hope that make this clearer.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Yes you can. My sister just had this switched around out in Utah. She hired a pro to do it though.

  • Al
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    10 years ago

    No. The two provide cool air is completely different ways. Evap coolers are simple mechanisms: water dribbling thru the fiber material is acted upon by a fan which blows cool air into the house. They only work where the air is dry. Alabama is very humid, and requires a different kind of machine to provide cool air. An A/C unit is a sealed and charged system. Sorry, they is what they is...and they is...different animals.

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