Energy efficient vehicles, like the Flybus?

I'm writing an essay on energy efficiency, and I mention using the energy we have more efficiently, rather than getting it cheaper/cleaner. I thought of the "flybus" which is a bus that charges a flywheel at the start of the day and when it brakes, and depends on it for energy. Does anyone know of any other, energy efficient vehicles?

I'm talking about energy reclamation, not fuel efficiency. For example, ethanol and hydrogen cars or cars with great gas mileage don't count, because they don't have novel mechanisms to reclaim lost energy. Some electric cars also charge their energy cells when they brake.

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  • 9 years ago
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    The electric vehicle is very efficient because it uses an electric motor. Some of the motors in Solar racing cars are over 97% efficient. Electric vehicles that are conversions don't generally include regenerative braking however most manufactured electric vehicles reverse the operation of the motor and use it to produce electricity which is returned to the battery. This slows the vehicle and is called regenerative braking.

    The same system is being used with subways. Instead of the electricity being returned to batteries it is returned to the grid where it is available for use by other vehicles on the system.

    To conserve energy in their heating and air conditioning systems some electric vehicles will use a heat pump. This works on the refrigeration cycle to heat the interior of the vehicle. Some vehicles will use heated seats so that the cabin temperature does not have to be as high. This also conserves energy. Some electric vehicles will use solar panels to produce electricity that in turn will work a fan that keeps the interior of the car cooler than if it were just sitting in the sun without ventilation.

  • 9 years ago

    You can eliminate use of extra energy for air conditioning and other things using the waste energy released by the vehecle.

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