Why do you need to go to toys r us to get the egg event in pokemon black ?

There's no Toys R us around my area which sucks.

Also, I never been to a pokemon event at a store...what do they do at the store when you take your game over there?

And is there anyway else to get the event without going to the store?

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    You have to go to a Toys 'R' Us because they're holding these Mystery Pokémon Egg as a wireless distribution and not as an online distribution, wireless distributions will only be done at stores such as Toys 'R' Us or Gamestop.

    You don't have to give the employee your game or your DS, you can do it all by yourself without having someone do it for you. All you have to do is bring a DS along with either Pokémon Black or White, if you have both games then you can bring both with you. Once you're at Toys 'R' Us, start up your Pokémon Black or White game. Once you get to the "Continue, New Game" screen, scroll down and select "Mystery Gift."

    Now select "Receive Gift." Now select "Get via Wireless" and it'll prompt you in regards to it launching Wireless Communications so select yes. Now it'll start searching for the Mystery Egg signal until it locates it. Once it locates it, you just need to select it in the menu and then it'll be downloaded into your game.

    After it's been downloaded, you just need to head into your game and then talk to the delivery man in the Pokémon Center in order to get the Mystery Egg.

    No, there is no way to get the Mystery Egg event unless you trade someone something in order to get the Mystery Egg but it won't be the same as going to the Mystery Event event because there are only 3 Pokémon Eggs you could get from it and the distribution randomly decides which Pokémon Egg to give you however those Pokénon that you can get are capable of finding found in Pokémon Black or White.

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    You have to go to toys'r'us because the egg event is wireless, not wi-fi. At a wireless event you have to be on the premisis, and wi-fi you can be anywhere. And when you are at the store, all you have to do is go to mystery gift on the title screen, hit wireless, and the store does the rest :)

    Once you get the egg, all you have to do is go to the pokemart/pokemoncenter, have an open slot in your party, and talk to the delivery man.

    Source(s): pokemon.com
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    use a gamegenie/gameshark/proactionreplay/similar device

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