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FDRs alphabet programs...?

I need to know (for each of the following groups) an alphabet program that FDR put into action to help the following groups:

Poor families, consumers, union disputes with management, and failing companies.

I need them to all be different programs (or most of them).


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    9 years ago
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    CCC - Civilian Conservation Corps Provided jobs for young men to plant trees, build bridges and parks, and set up flood control projects.

    TVA - Tennessee Valley Authority Built dams to provide cheap electric power to seven southern states; set up schools and health centers

    FERA - Federal Emergency Relief Administration Gave releif to unemployed and needy

    AAA - Agricultural Adjustment Administration Paid farmers not to grow certain crops

    NRA(NIRA) - National Recovery Administration Enforced codes that regulated wages, prices, and working conditions

    PWA - Public Works Administration Built ports, schools, and aircraft carriers

    FDIC - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Insured savings accounts in banks approved by the government

    REA - Rural Electrification Administration Loaned money to extend electricity to rural areas

    WPA - Works Progress Administration Employed men and women to build hospitals, schools, parks, and airports; employed artists, writers, and musicians

    SSA - Social Security Act Set up a system of pensions for the elderly, unemployed, and people with disabillities

    Source(s): Defence Historian and Roosevelt Enthusiast
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