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Could this help Smackdown!/WWE out?

So let's say it's a Friday Night SD in November (TNA id now defunct) episode this is what happens on SD!:

After the intro Vince's music plays and he comes out. This is what he says:

"It seems to me as though many people miss this intro above any other. Show the video!"

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"OK. Yes. Now I love this intro so, we've decided to return to this intro. But we have to re work the video" Then they play it again but with current WWE Superstars.

Vince then leaves.

Teddy Long says WWE has thought over a few things and say they have 4 titles returning. (It has 4 cases with a cloth over top.) Teddy proceeds to remove the first cloth. Underneath are the previous tag titles. He says that they have brought back the World Tag Team Titles. Big Show and Kane come out to get their titles. Then Big Show asks if he can remove the next cloth. He takes off the cloth and underneath is the Women's Title. Teddy says that WWE will hand select the champs. The new women's champion is announced. Lita walks to the ring and says because of the out poor from fans, she has returned. Then the next title is announced and it is the European Title. Teddy says this title will go to RAW and the new champ is: the screen goes black. then (One of a kind!) and Rob Van Dam comes out saying he is the Champ. Then the next title is revealed. It is the cruiserweight championship. The champ is: Again the screen goes black then (Listen! It's time!) Gregor Helms announces he is the champ.

Later in the night Vince is seen in Long's office and Long is upset. It appears after talking that Teddy is going on a "Leave of absence" and the new GM is coming to the ring. The new GM is William Regal. He says that since he isn't being used, he wants to return to his GM role. (The RAW GM is Stephanie McMahon IMO BTW)

Regal then adds there is a new brand and it will be announced on RAW the next Monday--

Also returns to WWE that night and their brand that night:

Brian Kendrick - SD!

Paul London - SD!

Finlay - New Brand (TBA)

Kurt Angle - SD!

Elijah Burke - New Brand (TBA)

Marcus Cor Von - New Brand (TBA)

Matt Hardy - New Brand (TBA)

Chuck Palumbo - New Brand (TBA)

Samoan Joe (RAW)

Jeffery Jarrett (RAW)

Snitsky (RAW)

Mick Foley - New Brand (TBA)

Tommy Dreamer - RAW

The Sandman - RAW

Sabu - SD!

Kevin Thorne - New Brand (TBA)

Ariel - New Brand (TBA)

Torrie - SD!

Lillian Garcia - RAW

Stacy - SD!

Molly Holly - RAW

Victoria - RAW

Dawn Marie - RAW

Maria - New Brand (TBA)

Mickie James - New Brand (TBA)

Ashley - New Brand (TBA)

and more on RAW (I'll post later :)

WWE Announces to fill the "TBA" brand that there will be a mini draft on a 3 hour RAW. next week.

The GM was announced for the "New Brand"


RAW - Stephanie McMahon

SD - William Regal

"New Brand" - Armando Estrada

Commentator Crew -

SD - JBL (Heel), Michael Cole (Face)

RAW - JR (face), Jerry "The King" Lawler (Heel)

"New Brand" - Tazz, Joey Styles

Velocity (SD Exclusive) - Joey Styles, Booker T

Heat (RAW Exclusive) - Scott Standford and Mike Adamle

Ring Announcers -

SD - Justin Roberts

RAW - Lillian Garcia

"New Brand" - Tony Chimel

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    1 Word came to my mind after reading this...AWESOME!!!!!!!1 You know how nice this would be. Pretty cool. I want Helms to come back too(Not in Hurricane Gimmick). But yeah, this would REALLY bring back that era that went from 2002-mid 2008. Nice.

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    area ought to have a rematch clause in his settlement from Armageddon, consequently he ought to get the subsequent identify shot. If for some reason area would not get that shot, or if he fails to recapture the identify from Jeff Hardy, the unpinned Vladimir Kozlov ought to be next in line. the finest challengers to Jeff's identify reign, in my opinion, are Undertaker and Matt Hardy, yet as long as Matt has the ECW Championship, he's no longer getting a shot on the WWE Championship.

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    Dude thats awesome u should make an E-fed!

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