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MTG Question - Horobi, Death's Wail?

Can someone clear up for me, which creatures are exactly affected by Horobi's ability? It's said that creature that "becomes the target of a spell or ability", but according to the rules abilities are all most everything (flying, first strike, etc) , are creatures with those to be destroyed? Or, for example. would Deathbringer Thoctar be destroyed, when gaining additional +1\+1?


UPD. Some of you are saying that in abilities description it must be said "target". But wait, you want to say, that, for example, drudge skeleletons regeneration ability (Regenerate Drudge Skeletons) doesn't count? As I understand target can be implied as in example above, but it isn't have to say "target".

Update 2:


Thnx, Turrble, I'll check your answer as best a bit latter, but I want to be sure, that I understand Horobi completely.

We're cleared abilities and spells. Are creatures to be destroyed, while Horobi in play, when targeted creature equipped with enchantments, for example by Whispersilk Cloak?

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    Horobi's ability is a bit simpler than you're trying to make it. A spell or ability that targets some creature triggers this effect, such as an ability that deals 1 damage to target creature, or gives target creature +1/+1.

    Abilities that are already on a given creature are not affected. For example, a creature with flying does not constantly target itself to give itself flying: it simply has flying. In contrast, a spell that states "Target creature gains flying" is targeting that creature, triggering Horobi's ability to destroy it.

    Other abilities that are on creatures to give themselves a triggered benefit are not targeting them in order to do it. Deathbringer Thoctar simply gives itself +1/+1 counters, and does not need to target itself in order to do it. If that were the case, things would be a lot of complex than they need to be, since it would be possible to give the Thoctar protection or shroud as a means of preventing it from pumping itself up. It's an interesting thought, but not something anyone really wants to have to consider.

    Your second example, with Drudge Skeletons saying "Regenerate Drudge Skeletons", it also does not need to target itself for the effect because it already knows where it is. A card that states its own name only ever refers to that particular copy of the card while it's a permanent on the battlefield, and does not need to specify a target when using those abilities. In contrast, an effect that states "regenerate target creature" IS a targeted ability, and thus triggers Horobi.

    Basically, targets are very rarely, if ever, "implied", as you say. If something is targeting something, it's usually very specific about it. The only exceptions I can think of would be the implied targets for Auras when cast on a permanent and Equipments when you use their Equip ability.

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    Flying and all that are static abilities and never target anything, they just exist as part of the creature. Only if it says "target" in the ability would the Horobi do anything.

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    "Whenever a creature becomes the TARGET of a spell or ability" Abilities such as flying, vigilance, infect, etc do not TARGET any specific creature. A spell or ability that does TARGET will say "to target creature" or something along those lines.

    Source(s): Playing for 2 months, done A LOT OF researching Saturdays through Thursdays (Not on Fridays because of FNM tourneys :D)
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    It says that if ANY creature that becomes the target of a spell or ability is destroyed. If I target any creature on the board, it is dead.

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    what ever the card said is probaliby the ability but i am not sure

    Source(s): here is an site you might find out about it or use the hot line on mtg 1800-324-6496
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    yes, deathbringer would die if horobi was in play.

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