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So today when we were coming back from the store I saw a pigeon in front of my house, which just seemed awkward. No idea why, I just had a feeling it wasnt right..I went beside it, it didnt move and just stood still. It was wet and looked sick. I picked it up, got it dry and everything. I realised it beak looks different then an adult pigeon, so im thinking its still young since it cant fly and doesnt seem injured.

After it got dried up it looked completely healthy- its feathers are all fluffed up and he seemes good. Now, problem is my parents let me keep it, and look after it- but they say im not allowed to take it to the vet or buy anything special for it.

So I have to make do with what I have at home.

I fed it bread dipped in milk- in tiny pieces, and I had to hold its mouth open.

Here are my questions--

1) When do I know that its full?

2) How do I help it fly?

3) How often do I feed it?

4) It has to stay out in the balcony, I put out a warm bottle in a box- and its in there, so its safe. Also its warm where I live. warm enough to go to the beach so I guess it'll do good right?

5) Any extra tips?? I dont want it to die :(


Sorry. I forgot to add- that I checked if it had parents around, it didnt. I didnt take it right away, i kept an eye out for 1 hour, but the area around him was really not safe. I looks full grown, but its not. There were two cats lurking around it, waiting to attack- and like I said, no where safe closeby.

And dont judge. I have taken care of many wild animals in the past, and have brought up many young ones. I know when, or when I shouldnt take the animal away from where it is. This is the fifth time I am taking care of a bird. Other times they were injured, and one time it was a baby sparrow which had been hit by a kid on a bike. Now, I need you to help me- not tell me leaving wild animals would be better for them.

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    The first thing that you should check is the health of your pigeon. A pigeon may look healthy but may be sick. For example, a person who looks healthy but could be a person with a disease of some sort. Not to be mean but believe it or not, it happens and no one knows until it is further examined to be confirmed of having such a unfortunate case.

    You can check for the health of your pigeon by relating the activity of your pigeon to the descriptions described on this website for the most common health problems for a pigeon to have.

    Some sickness can be treated but some can't, just like a human who is just sick off a fever versus a human who is sick because of a disease. Best we could do is to use a preventative on those that are not easily prevented.

    These are an example of a pigeon with a virus or infection that can or cannot be treated...

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail


    They will get sick because of the environment that they live in. Never have a wet home for a pigeon, this will cause the pigeon to have intestine bacterial infections because of the easy spread of bacteria and the mold growing on wet places. I recommend a plain box with nothing in it. A piece of cloth will eventually get wet if your pigeon has wet droppings and this is a problem. If you want something in the box, I suggest long dry grass/hay or chipped wood. This should be enough for a home for a pigeon as a pet. You'll have to clean out the droppings of the pigeon to maintain a clean environment if nothing is in the box. Just like when dogs are allowed in the house and they pooped everywhere, best is to clean it up or your home will stink.

    For feeding, don't get anything that is too big for them. Beard is okay, but just don't use milk anymore. milk will cause the pigeons to have diarrhea. Feed dry beard in small balls, size of a pea seed or popcorn kernel, and just provide it plain water. Also, look around the yard for small rocks/pebbles to feed the pigeon. The beard will provide the same nutrition to the pigeon as when a human consumes it, and the small rock/pebbles gives the bird rich minerals into their body and also help in their digestive system.

    Unless you are able to buy cheap seed at walmart or target, a cheap wild birds seeds pack or a parakeet seed pack will do to give your pigeon the right amount of vitamins in their body. I would feed the pigeon two times a day if you are feeding the pigeon beard. You can feed your pigeon once a day only if you have some wild bird seeds bought at a store.

    When to stop feeding the pigeon, well just make a bunch of small beard balls give them to your pigeon. it will keep eating if its hungry, if it stops, then it's no longer hungry.

    When it is healthy again it should be able to fly. Beware, if the pigeon is at your place for more than one to two weeks time, it probably have made your place it's home. The chances of it flying away is when it found more pigeon friends or is caught by a hawk/falcon while adventuring around. Otherwise, it will make you it's master and stay on your balcony.

    To check if your pigeon is in good condition, please look at these videos.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail


    for the how to spot good pigeon, health and condition is mentioned, other stuff as pecterine (blah blah) muscle, don't worry about it.

    It's good to live in a nice warm area. I wish my place is like that.

    Anyways, hope this helps and if you have any questions please do ask. I will try my best to help.

    Source(s): I have pigeons and have helped some of my sick pigeons before
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    Just make sure you have plenty of water in a bowl that won't tip over, and give it regular wild bird seed, small chopped up nuts or acorns - things they eat in the wild. If it looks almost full grown it probably isn't being fed by the parents anymore, so you can feed it and look after it to get it healthy and then let it go free. After letting it free you should continue to scatter seed around until it gets used to eating away from you - Good luck!

    Source(s): Used to raise pigeons, now raise doves
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    Put the bird back where you found it. It is still being cared for by its parents. You don't have the knowledge or the resources to care for it properly even if it was not. You are doing more harm than good. In the future leave wild animals alone

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