Rep. Gutierrez Demands Amnesty Through Executive Order Will Obama comply with his demands?

America’s elected officials are becoming less sheepish about their blatant disregard of the voters and the Constitution. This is evidential in Representative Luis Gutierrez’s (left) demand that President Obama decree amnesty for illegal aliens through executive order, circumventing Congress and ignoring the will of the American people.

The Hot Joints writes:

Liberal Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez gave a shrill speech [see video below] in which he demanded that Obama install immigration “reform” by executive order. He used the same old tired canards to describe why must have “reform” now. He talked about kids coming home to find their illegal alien parents missing. He talked of neighborhoods being “terrorized” by ICE.During his impassioned speech, Gutierrez declared that the “system isn’t working” and accused the federal government of being insensitive to the 4 million American citizen children born to illegal alien parents:

“Does the federal government wake up and say, ‘let me see how I can get them better healthcare?’ Does the federal government wake up in the beginning of the day and say ‘how do I get them some better education? Better housing? No! The federal government wakes up each and every day and tries to figure out how to take their moms and dads away. That’s wrong and it needs to stop!”

Bemoaning the failure of the federal government to pass the DREAM Act, Gutierrez said, “We passed the DREAM Act in the House of Representatives 216 to 198; We actually passed it under normal circumstances in the Senate; We got 54 out of 100…And yet {the DREAM Act} is not the law of the land.”

Gutierrez’s solution is to circumvent Congress and achieve immigration reform by way of executive order:

Mr. President, it is good of you, it is great of you, and we appreciate when you speak so clearly and so eloquently about the rights of DREAM students here in this country. But now we say to you. If the Congress will not act, then use the powers you already have! Use the powers Congress has already granted you. Use the powers to use that discretion you already have and then you will not deport one more DREAM student from the United States of America!

According to Gutierrez, President Obama has stated that he cannot use an executive order to grant amnesty because it is unconstitutional for him to write laws. Gutierrez responds by asserting that the laws can and should be reinterpreted so as to prevent the continued deportation of illegal aliens.

Likewise, Gutierrez declared that the President is allotted a certain amount of discretion which allows him to make decisions that are not explicitly delegated in the Constitution, including that of sending 1,200 members of the National Guard to protect the border. Gutierrez proclaimed that the President should use his discretion “in benefit of our families, our children.”

Finally, Representative Gutierrez subtly implied that if the President did not succumb to their demands, he would lose their constituency:

"We’re here tonight to say to the man that we elected for President of the United States (yes, with our help, with our energy, with our commitment, we sent him to the White House), we want to remind him of the words he uttered to us in order to gain our votes, our confidence…Mr. President, it’s time you keep your promise!"

Gutierrez’s frustration directed at the Obama administration is rather confusing given the variety of attempts made by this administration to achieve backdoor amnesty, to include the attempted passage of the DREAM Act. For example, Californians for Population Stabilization reported in March:

Behind America’s back, Attorney General Eric Holder has met privately in his Capitol Hill office with his Utah counterpart Mark Shurtleff. The two are plotting a way for the federal government to circumvent the constitution and approve Utah’s amnesty bill, H.R. 116. Utah’s bill recently signed by Governor Gary Herbert would create a guest worker program for illegal immigrants, despite the fact that immigration and work status fall under the federal government’s jurisdiction.

Likewise, the Obama administration adamantly challenged the state of Arizona when it attempted to reclaim some of its own authority and handle its illegal immigration issues, even provoking the international community to rebuke the state.

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  • KIZE
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    9 years ago
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    People show no education when they use American Indians as an excuse!- I am American Indian and my family has fought in every war for the last 500 years at least!! Do not use my people as an excuse for these criminal invaders. You do not know of what you speak! It is disgusting for this sell out to demand anything! And as a teacher, I can tell you that these illegals are ruining our schools and should not benefit from it! Read how mexico treated the American Indians when they stole the land they inhabited in the southwest. How they murdered, raped and spread diseases. How they killed Geronimo's family. If anything, things have not changed. Illegals are doing the same exact things today. This person deserves to be arrested for treason if you ask me!!

  • 9 years ago

    I hope there is reform. This is a nation of immigrants unless you are native American. I love my country. My father and grandfather died for it and they were hispanic. Stop hating because your lame __ss can't get a job. Go back to school or just stop being lazy.

    Here we go again the Indians . You say your relatives died for this country and they were hispanic and were they fighting for the cause of hispanics or for America as a country?. This is a nation of immigrants by this token everybody in the world should be allowed to just walk in and make the claim of this is a nation of immigrants , oddly we do not see this is a nation of illegal and legal immigrants. What good will reform do ? In 5 years millions more from Mexico will have the same story and another reform will be needed. Just why does Gutierrez spent 24/7 on the issue of illegal immigration ? Gutierrez has not did anything for the people of America, all he thinks about is illegals. It almost seems like he is on Mexico's payroll . Somebody needs to investigate Gutierrez to find out why he has stop representing the America people, but he accepts our money from all taxpayers claiming he does and all can talk about is illegals 24/7 always going on about illegals and he never says anything about what he is doing for others, just illegals is what he is going on about is all that matters to him

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Gutierrez has failed at every attempt to forward the hispanic agenda.amnesty is a non issue however for that turd to survive as a political force hes needs to fan the flames occasionally. gutierrez is so obsessed with having illegal immigrants become citizens hes imagined obama is now king who can rule from his throne.

    the only people who take the likes of gutierrez or the reverend al seriously are just plain morons.idiots,and jerks,

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Get ready for the Second American Civil War if it happens.

    Source(s): Amnesty= Civil War.
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    One need only look at his last name to see where his loyalties lie, and they aren't with The American People.

    And I'm sure it is only a co-incidence that the majority of those given amnesty would vote Democrat...

  • James
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    I hope not all the illegals need to go home and try to come back through PROPER methods.

  • 9 years ago

    I hope there is reform. This is a nation of immigrants unless you are native American. I love my country. My father and grandfather died for it and they were hispanic. Stop hating because your lame __ss can't get a job. Go back to school or just stop being lazy.

  • BruceN
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    No question that the immigration has needed to be addressed for a number of years. The 2007 Kennedy McCain act was supported by President Bush and a vast majority of both parties, but a small number of filibusterers forced it to be tabled. Don't complain to me about the broken system until you are ready to reinstate that bill.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It's all hispanics who are so pro-hispanic immigration. These people are racist, plain and simple. They don't like whites. They're just as scum as the famous KKK.

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