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What areas in Arizona are best for children to grow up in?

I recently had twin boys and our family is moving out to Arizona. We have visited a few times different places and loved them, but you never really know a place until you live there for awhile. What areas are best for children & to raise children in? Jobs have to be available also. I know in these days those two do not go hand in hand together, but if I could have some specific cities/towns that would great. Thank you!!

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    Despite what Alex thinks AZ is one of the best states in America. It's also a great and desirable place for businesses so jobs are more readily available than in other states. There are nice places in Phoenix and that would be the easiest place to finds jobs, but that's only if you don't mind big cities and everything that comes with them (i.e. pollution, traffic, crime, etc). If you want a smaller city AZ has a lot to offer. I really wouldn't suggest Tucson because of the crime problem. Flagstaff is an AMAZING city and if you can find a job there (depends on your profession/qualifications) it would be the place to be (great outdoors, wonderful schools, very nice people). Payson is also a great town but kind of small and harder to find jobs. Prescott is my second highest recommended city and one of my favorite places on Earth, more jobs, great outdoors, great town life and things to do, highly recommended. If you want simpler places with less expensive real estate but less jobs and people I'd say Camp Verde and areas east would be great choices (not to mention some of the most beautiful areas in AZ). If you can find a job Eastern Arizona like Alpine and Safford are amazing but very competitive to live. Other recommendations: Apache Junction (close to Phoenix but great outdoors), Tempe (in Phoenix but the best city life), and many other small towns in the North.

    You've made a great decision to move to AZ. Unlike what some people think politics aren't everything and we have wonderful people, beautiful land, great towns, it really is hard to beat (and I've lived in WA and Maine and lots of places in between). It's hard to go wrong with AZ towns, if you can include more of what you're looking for it would be easier to make more personalized suggestions because some people want the big city feel of Phoenix and some want the small town vibe of Bumble Bee (yes, that's a town). Overall, you can't go wrong with Flagstaff, it's more expensive to live there and jobs are competitive, but if you manage to find one there is no way on Earth you'd be disappointed. Good luck and god bless.

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    no where, Arizona is a horrible place to grow up in... look at their programs they have enacted.

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