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    1. find & seek Both ‘find’ and ‘seek’ can mean ‘to look for’, 意思好似相同, 但D用法不同 , 往往不能交換: In general, ‘find‘ is more informal ( 隨便 D ) , ‘seek’ is more formal (正式 D) : Informal (隨便 ) ‘Find’:I am trying to find my cat. He is trying to find a place to stay.Do you find algebra easy ? ( different meaning of ‘find’ ) Formal (正式) ‘Seek’ : Does the school actively seek ideas from parents ?“I seek the answer to life, Lord" (Title of prayer) 2. lay & put D用法多數又不同 Normally they are use with propositions to form Phrasal Verbs, which will have a complete change in meaning. Example with ‘on’:To put on

    I put on my raincoat when it started rainingTo lay on

    I lay the sick animal on the sofa Example with ‘off’:To put off

    They have put off the picnic for another week. To lay off

    The factory is laying off many workers because of the recession PHRASAL VERBS IN ENGLISH IS TOO BIG A SUBJECT TO COVER ! 3. slay & kill‘Slay’ is used in more in writing. Usually it implies the thing being killed is bad or nasty. The vampire was slain by Buffy, the vampire slayer. (vampires are bad)It was St. George who reputedly slew the dragon. (dragon was bad) ‘Kill’ is less formal and has no connotations (冇含義) about good or bad. An escaped lion has killed 2 tourists in the zoo.A terrorist bombed has killed 10 people in Iraq today.

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    Normally they are USED with propositions

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