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    Late Night Alumni - Uncharted

    It's half-hearted and complication the wayThey imparted now isn't the best of all our days.But we've started and now it's too late to sayThis uncharted place is too precarious to stay.I'm unknown so so i keep my head low.It's beneath me with all my ducks in a row.If they ask me i'll them i didn't know.If they ask say eventually we'll reap what they have sown. Chorus:It's a clash. It's rash.We're caged upstaged.When they switch backWe say it's too fast.We rage anxiously engaged. We just take it like we take it off the top.And full-circle we're there before we'd ever really thought.They just fake it nobody asks them to stop.It's uncharted i changed my mind decided that it's not. Chorus x 3

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