My hands sometimes shake...?

I am twenty years old, and have recently been experiencing tremors in my hands it does not happen often, some times it does and it normally goes away if i hold my hands.... I am not sure if this is related but, My hands are always freezing, and my feet are consistently cold. Also my legs always fall asleep ... always...

What could it be?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Read this- maybe its serious, maybe its not, but just to be sure..

    First, you should try to find out why your hands are shaking. I would recommend seeking a neurological evaluation since there are a number of conditions, including Parkinson's disease, that could be responsible. Another possible cause is a disorder called "essential tremor", which is common among older adults and occurs 20 times more often than Parkinson's disease. Unlike Parkinson's, essential tremor isn't due to an underlying disease and doesn't lead to serious complications. The beta blockers you were prescribed often are used for treatment of this condition but work only in 50 percent of all cases. Shaky hands also could be due to anxiety, but to reach this diagnosis, a physician must first rule out physical causes. In addition to essential tremor and Parkinson's, shaky hands may be caused by thyroid disease, drug side effects or heavy metal poisoning.

    Sometimes the nature of symptoms suggests the diagnosis. For example, essential tremor usually is seen when you are using your hands, while the tremor associated with Parkinson's typically occurs when your hands are at rest.

    You can also take the following steps to relieve or reduce shaky hands:

    Avoid caffeine, which can trigger production of adrenaline, a hormone that can worsen tremors.

    Avoid alcohol, which has pronounced effects on the central nervous system and can aggravate essential tremor.

    Exercise with light hand weights that can promote stability in the hands and wrists. Ask your physician to recommend a physical therapist who can teach you the exercises.

  • Megan
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    5 years ago

    Either you've had too much caffeine or not enough.... or perhaps you should see a doctor about that. Trembling fingers can sometimes be a symptom of a serious disease, like what happened to Michael J. Fox and Parkinson's. It could also just be a natural neurological symptom for your genetic makeup. Could be from anxiety, nervousness, or even a hangover. Couldn't hurt to find out for sure.

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