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why dose answer.yahoo.com -5 points when you ask a question?

Why dose why dose answer.yahoo.com -5 points when you ask a question. and is that good?

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    I really have to point this out... because it is WAY too relevant...


    That is a search of Yahoo Answers for the question "why do questions cost 5 points?" and there are 519 results. That's 519 times someone has asked the same question as you... and that is 519 times people have answered that question. If you had looked for your question, before you asked it, you might have found your answer, without spending the points.

    Yahoo gives you 100 points free when you join Yahoo Answers. It costs you points, because asking questions makes OTHER people work for you. So, if you want to make people work for you and answer your questions, it costs you points. If you ANSWER questions, you earn points. If you answer a question well and your answer is picked as the BEST answer, then you earn even more points. But you are charged points to keep you from indefinitely only asking questions, and never participating in the community and answering questions as well. If you choose to, you can spend all your points on asking questions... and then you can't ask any more until you earn points.

    So, Yahoo takes away points for each question to encourage you to participate in the community, instead of just freeloading and making everyone else work for you.

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    so you can answer questions like this :(

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