Step Down Transformer for PS3 overheating help?

Hi. I bought my ps3 while i was in the US where the voltage was 120 and after i moved to Australia, its 240 (im not sure exactly). To play my ps3 here, i bought a step down transformer. Ive been using it with no problems for a long time but recently we smelt burning around the living room and found out that the transformer had heated up and the bottom was melted. I liked keeping my ps3 with the red light on, so i kept the transformer on to power it too. I never turned the transformer off, so could this be a reason that it overheated and is it advisable that i continue using it, or should i try to replace it?


My ps3 is the old 40gb one. After reading up, some sources say that the older ps3s have universal power supplies? is this true?

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    Edit: You are correct, it seems the PS3 does have a built-in PSU that can handle 100-240V without an external transformer, although I'm not 100% sure this is the case for all PS3 models.

    The voltage range is printed on the inside of the PS3 unfortunately as far as I know, so I don't think you can check without taking it apart. I didn't find any info online to suggest that there is a PS3 model that uses a 120V only adapter, but you may want to consider contacting Sony support for absolute confirmation.


    This would most likely be caused by having a step-down transformer that is not equipped to handle the high amounts of electrical current being drawn from the PS3 while it is under a heavy load (i.e. during gameplay).

    The PlayStation 3 (especially older 'FAT' models) can use more than 200 Watts of power at any given moment. Compared to most electronics, this is a lot of power, and most step-down transformers are not equipped to handle so many Watts (many transformers are limited to say 50 or 100 Watts).

    You may need to purchase a new transformer, preferably one with a 250 Watt or higher power rating (a 200 Watt or higher rating would be satisfactory for newer 'SLIM' models).

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