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Make the most words from "OCTOGENARIAN" using each letter one time ?

Make the most words from "OCTOGENARIAN" using each letter one time

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    acari acarine ace aceta acetin acinar acing acne aconite acorn acre acrogen act acta actin acting actinon action actioner actor aecia aeon aeonian aeonic aerating aeration aero aga again agar agaric agate age agent ager agin aginner agio agita agnate agnatic agnation ago agon agone agonic agora agorae agorot agria aigret ain air airn airt ait ana ancient ancon ancone ane anear anearing anent anergia anergic anga anger angina angora ani anion anna anoa anoint anointer anon anoretic ant anta antae ante anteing anti antiacne antiar antic anticar antigen anting antra antre aorta aortae aortic aragonite arc arcane arcing arco are area areca areic arena argent argentic argon argot argotic aria arnica aroint art ate atone atoner atonia atonic atoning atria cage cager cagier cain cairn can cane caner canine caning canna canner cannie cannier cannot canoe canoeing canoer canon cant canter cantering cantina canting canto canton cantor car carat carate care caret cargo carina carinae carinate caring carn carnage carnation carnet carnie carotin cart cartage carte carting carton cartoning cartoon cartooning cat cate catena cater cateran catering cation cent centai cento centra centring ceratin ceria cering cero certain ciao cig cigar cigaret cine cion cire cite citer citron coagent coat coater coati coating cog cogent cogito cognate cognation cogon coign coigne coin coinage coiner cointer coir con conation cone conga conge conger congo coni conin conine coning conn connate conner connote contagia contagion contain container conte conto contra coo cooer cooing coon coontie coot cooter cootie cor coranto core coreign corgi coria coring corn cornea cornet corning corona coronae coronate coronating coronet cortin cortina cot cotan cote coting cotinga crag crane crania craniate craning crannog crannoge crate crating craton creatin creating creation crenation cretin cringe crit crone croon crooning croton ear earing earn earning eat eating ego enact enacting enactor enatic enation encina encoring eng engirt engrain enroot enrooting entia entrain eon eonian era erg ergo ergot ergotic erica eringo ern erotic erotica eta etic etna gae gaen gain gainer gait gaiter gan gane gannet gar garcon garnet garni garote gat gate gater gator gear gen genic genitor genoa genro gent gentian gentoo gerontic get geta giant gie gien gin ginner girn giro giron girt git gitano gite gnar gnat goa goanna goat goer goiter goitre gone goner gonia gonion goo gooier goon goonie goonier gor gore got grace grain gran grana granita granite grannie grant grat grate gratin gratine great grin griot grit groan groat groin grot ice icon ignorance ignorant ignore inane inaner incage incant incarnate incent incog inert ingate ingot ingrate inn innage innate inner inro inter intern into intone intoner intro intron ion ionogen ionone iota irate ire iron irone naan nacre nae nag naira nan nana nance naoi narc narcein narco naric narine nation natron near nearing neat nectar neg negation negaton negator negatron negroni neocon neon net nice nicer nine nit nite niter niton nitre nitro nitrogen nocent noetic nog noir nona nonactor nonage nonart nonce noncore none nonego nonerotic nonet nontragic noo noogie noon nor nori noria norite not nota note noter notice noticer noting notion oar oaring oat oaten oater oca ocarina ocean ocrea octagon octan octane octogenarian octroi ogre onager onagri once oncet one onion ono ontic onto ontogenic oorie oot ora orang orange orate orating oration orc orca orcein orcin ore oregano organ organa organic organon orgeat orgiac orgic orgone orient origan ornate orogenic ort otic race racing racon racoon rag raga rage ragi rai raia rain raincoat raita ran rance rang range rani rant ranting rat ratan rate ratine rating ratio ration rato ratoon ratooning react reacting reaction reagin reanoint reata rec recaning recant recanting recit recoat recoating recoin recon recta recti recto reg regain regina region regna regnant rei reign rein renig renin rent renting ret retag retain retia retina ria riant riata rice rig rin ring ringent riot rite roan roc roe rogation ronion rontgen root rootage rooting rot rota rote roti roto tace taco tacrine tae taenia tag taiga tain tan tanager tang tanga tangier tango tannage tanner tannic tanrec tao tar tare targe taring tarn taro taroc tea tear tearing teg ten tenia tenon tenor terai terga tern ternion tiara tic tie tier tiger tigon tin tine tinea ting tinge tinner tire tiro toe toea toeing tog toga togae ton tone toner tong tonga tonger tonic tonier toning tonnage tonne tonner too toon toonie tor tora torc tore tori toric torn toro trace tracing tragi tragic train trance trancing triac triage trice trig trigo rigon trine trio trog trogon trona trone

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    I took yet another course because of the fact i'm short on time. yet I did write each be conscious with those first letters. relish! ================================ Mitzi's Eggnog Ran Randomly. "you're Clumsy", Harold Ranted. In Stern Turmoil, Mitzi responded, "Shutup, Moron! you probably did A rude Lament. i'm no longer happy." (And that's why i do no longer supply eggnog to Mitzi or Harold anymore). xxxo, Alec the Dalek

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