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I'm Brazilian, americans, please help me!!!!?

I'm doing civil engineering in the university of berkeley, I have very good grades in the Cambridge's exams(I have very good economic conditions in Brazil), do u think that if i finish the university, the americans could give too me the green card, I want that because I love United States since child, please help me I'm in the last year in the university, Do u think they can give me green card???

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    It's probably going to take you ten years to become a full on citizen, however you can probably get a student visa to live in the US while you wait out your citizenship.


    É provavelmente vai levar dez anos para tornar-se um total de cidadão, no entanto, você provavelmente poderá obter um visto de estudante para viver nos Estados Unidos, enquanto você espera a sua cidadania.

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    A student visa is a non immigrant visa ..you fo your course and leave..

    You get a green card by




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    You have two choices marry a citizen or have a company sponsor you

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