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I am from india and i was really interested in buying an authentic japanese sword for martial art purpose and since i cant go to japan ,i wanted to buy it online.

so if anyone could please tell me what websites should i check out to buy these katana swords,i will be very grate full for your answers.

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    By authentic Japanese sword (nihonto), I'll assume you mean a traditionally forged sword by a Japanese smith in Japan. These are expensive, just a fair word of warning. These are not mass produced, so there are not many retailers which sell nihonto though you can find some that sell antique swords (not for martial arts use). My favorite site for nihonto is: There is also Nishijin which sells some already forged swords (

    You could also consider ordering newly made Japanese sword from a smith in Japan, a newly made sword is called a "shinsakuto". There are some smiths with pages in English, but you can also try Tozando which is a retailer that contracts with smiths to produce shinsakuto ( Tozando is a highly respected retailer, so you won't be getting ripped off. If you are really dedicated to getting a high end piece, then you could try to contact a smitth at the registry of the All Japan Swordsmith Association (

    Hope that helps a little.

    **please note that Paul Chen, Hanwei, Cold Steel, etc. are not authentic Japanese swords. These are non-Japanese modern production swords. There are tons of places online which sell these, but they are not to be confused with a true nihonto.

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    Authentic Japanese Swords For Sale

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    "Real" katanas are not used for martial arts purposes. They are "collected" rather than used.

    They are prohibitively expensive.

    They are dangerous to user and opponent alike. That is why a replica (unhoned) is used for form display.

    Fencing with one -- well, you can imagine how safe that is.

    Most of my Japanese friends would never touch one because they believe the swords are haunted.

    But if you want a "real" one, you may be able to find a WWII blade online. You would never use this for practice.

    Suggestion: Learn the art. Any instructor would probably simply suggest you just get a wooden or bamboo one. At most they'd recommend a blunted replica for demonstration.

    Source(s): Kendo Aikido Olympic Fencing
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    DONT. There are too many Asian online sellers of imitation Katana swords. Find a contact in India who can lead you to a Japanese connection for authentic swords.

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    The best place to buy cheap Samurai Swords online is at who stock a massive collection from at amazing prices.

    Lets face it there are two types of swords out there. Those that look good and are meant to hang on the wall, and those that are serious weapons. At Amazon you are going to find a huge selection of both sword types.

    You can even find high quality Katana's for thousands of dollars that will impress even the serious martial artist.

    No matter what you are looking for I hope you find something that suits.

    Source(s): Buy Samurai Swords Online .
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    Paul Chen designs some of the best modern katana, made in a very traiditional style. They are beautiful, deadly weapons.

    They aren't cheap though. My favorite of his is the Orchid, which runs about $1000 US.

    You might be able to find one cheaper, if you look.

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  • CTC
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    Check online for websites of art gallerries in Japan. They wont be cheap but they are hand made.

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  • Lycann
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    9 years ago

    I've heard good things about these companies:

    Hopefully you can get some more details from contributors with more experience involving sword arts.

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    Cold make the best of the best swords for a great price. look them up.

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