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Why is Malik Shabazzo from Black Panthers making up lies about there being a Black Holocaust?

The guy should be commited into a Mental Institution. Did Obama ban Mental wards or something?


He said 150 million blacks were victims of a holocaust? What a total moron! There was never any such thing!

The only blacks being slaughtered are in Africa and the Middle East by Radical Islamic Muslims!

Update 2:

Malik is a Muslim and held up a photo of Bin Laden thanking him for his 9-11 Attacks! The guy is a total LOON! Why do people take him seriously?

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    A Holocaust is for the soul purpose of gathering a tribal ethnic group for extermination to near or complete extinction as the case with Tasmanian Tigers, not as a consequence of Conquest of, shipping, relocating, rioting, for thefts, rapes, & murders committed, & escaping.

    Rwandan tootsie genocide in the hands of the hootus would be in the area of a holocaust.

    Weaker tribes where kept alive by stronger tribes for trade in slave ports for other tribes, the middle east, & later with slave ships headed to the Americas.

    Shabazz is gearing up for a WHITEY HOLOCAUST, not slavery as bondage preserves the existence of those in bondage.

    Despite all the entitlements, for descendants of those released from bondage (even some who weren't) at a huge cost for Whitey in their vision of enlightenment that egros didn't contemplate upon & Passing down Academics accumulated from the far east, middle east, europe, introducing them to Iron & creating new Technology, Science & Sports for Hunter gatherers who did not indigenously have their own academics let alone a written language to immerse themselves in & be transformed from a hunter gatherer into a civilized literate image of Levant's, Hebrews, Latins (italic), Nords (Germanic), Slavs, Celts, Greeks, Persians, Turks, East Indians, Orientals. Though it will not remove the "IMAGE" (like a cross to a vampire to the transformed egros) of illiteracy loin cloth & stone spear, guided & taught/educated by advance culture/civilization in the road to civilize status (through merit/ability), but heavily patronized (through quotas).

    Glory over the demise of Whitey is all there is in the mind of Shabazz & Many others who agrees with him. But it comes a century & a half after emancipation with entitlement.

    Though Haitians proved that they are heavily dependent on Caucasian Republics after their Independence, they however won their glory for they actually emancipated themselves at the time they were in bondage.

    One can wonder if there will be or any egros who will prevent Shabazz plans just as Whitey has in response towards ending slavery in their sovereignty, & in opposing the National Socialist Axis of WWII. Will they all jive, jump, hump, slur, & chant around in celebrations in the way of the Opening Scene of Space Odyssey 2000?;_ylt=Aid.s...;_ylt=Ak9ws...

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    These radical groups such as the Black Panthers try to stir up people to join their political agenda. Sometimes they say things that are perceived differently by different people. The media can also twist things around and screw up the original comments made by the Panthers. ( Mental wards still exist primarily in medical hospitals or treatment centers and tend to deal with cases in a more scientific method. Nut houses really don't exist in the way they once did due to the introduction of drugs that cure so many mental illnesses.

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    Countless millions of Africans were slaughtered by Europeans, mostly prior to the First World War. Many of them were killed in the slave trade and many more in Africa itself.

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    This is one loon - don't pretend he speaks for all blacks, or even for black panthers.

    But many million blacks did probably die as a result of slavery, 150 does sound too high though.

    Source(s): Nobody takes this guy seriously - don't pretend they do (I'm sure that's what Rush told you).
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    Actual reality does not fit his agenda, so he must create his own reality. The sad part is that many people will accept and then parrot his nonsense.

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    10 years ago

    You will have to ask him because all the rest of us can do is make up interesting or inflammatory answers.

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    10 years ago

    Democrats will listen to him. They love black supremacists. Plus, he's a black Nazi with a fake African name.

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    10 years ago

    No idea...I don't normally follow BP news on a daily basis.

  • bin laden did 911? thats funny those outside the usa know mosad did it.............

    Source(s): hahahahah - the usa cant even catch a man in cave, but they will have a ten year war anyway.......
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    Malik is a racist.


    Source(s): A is A
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