House MD: Is Jennifer Morrison to guest-stars as "Cameron" in House this (7th) season?

According to an interview with Jennifer Morrison March 12 2010, her contract stated that she would have several guest-appearances in the 7th season. With the season winding to a close, does anybody knows if she will or not -- or if it's been officially dropped?

From :

But during an interview with TV Guide Magazine, the actress revealed even more exciting news: she'll return for multiple season seven episodes.

“There have been discussions of me doing a few episodes next year based on what they end up writing," she said. “Contractually, they’ve guaranteed me a certain number of episodes next year - I think three or four, which means that they’re probably very much leaning toward writing a storyline for the character.”

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  • 10 years ago
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    if it's in her contract, most likely she'll be in some episodes...they'll probably leave it for the last few ones of the season and probably leave us guessing..

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