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無品 asked in 旅遊其他:景點 · 1 decade ago

Sharaton Princess到Ala Moana

我想請問Sharaton Princess Hotel到Ala Moana會很遠嗎?

這兩間飯店Hawaii Prince Hotel & Sharaton Princess Hotel 哪一間離Ala Moana shopping center比較近?(用走路的)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    從Sharaton Princess to Ala Moana shopping center有一段distance


    至少要30-35min (1.7mile)

    如果你願意用走的話 是不遠

    但覺得太遠 可以take a bus


    從Hawaii Prince Hotel to Ala Moana shopping center


    只要8 to 10min (0.4mile)

    就距離來講是比Sharaton Princess to Ala Moana shopping center要近很多

    因為10min的路程 (walking)算挺近的

    且walking&take a bus的時間are about the same!

    take a bus也差不多要10min

    如果是我我會選擇Hawaii Prince Hotel 因為不管是搭公車或走路 都很近

    且要去shopping隨時都能去 因為很近

    但如果是選Sharaton Princess Hotel的話

    光來回就要花上快1hr 所以會很麻煩 unless you have a car!


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