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How to break up with my boyfriends, whos an exchange student ?

me & my german boyfriend have been dating for about 2 months (he leaves in june) and at the start of our relationship i really, really liked him & we got along great and always had so much to talk about...but over the last week or two I've lost feelings for him :s i live in australia and we have been on holidays and school is again tomorrow and i really need to stay focused, and last term i found he was being very clingy & my grades werent as good as i wanted, so i want to break up with him, although i still do like him a bit, but its time to move on..only problem is what or how do i say it, someone please help !?! X

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  • Marc M
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    You could tell him that you are "exchanging" him for someone better. ;-)

    Seriously... tell him that you know you will both have to go your separate ways in a month or so, and that you want him to be free to find someone else when he gets back to Germany. Stay friends with him if you can, but encourage him to meet other people in the last month that he is there.

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    I'm pretty much like your boyfriend here, except I'm a girl.

    My boyfriend is Australian, but I will graduate soon and go back to my country. None of us has approached the subject yet though..I've been pondering on that for months on what to do!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Just say its over its easier then you think.

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