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my doctor wont prescribe me meds for adhd ?

so i just went to the doctor and she said i dont have adhd and she said your suppose to have adhd when your young and not at 12 or 13 years (im 17) she thinks its Im trying to do it for a "quick fix" as she said and that she thinks its college realated im like wtf ? she also thinks i just want the medication but clearly i just want to turn my life around i told her all the symptoms i had and she said alot of people have those symptoms and dont have adhd so now i have to see a psychiatrist idk even know what to say without looking or sounding like i need the medication help guys plz and ty 10 points to best answer

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    People certainly don't develop ADHD at 17, but it can go undiagnosed for a long time for a variety of reasons. Kids with inattention issues but no hyperactivity may hover around average school performance but don't attract teachers' attention because they're not disruptive. On the other hand, kids with ADHD who are exceptionally bright may be able to "compensate" for their inattention and still do well in school, leading to a similar lack of recognition. In a minority of cases, kids aren't detected due to parental apathy.

    You may very well have ADHD, but there are also other medical and psychiatric disorders that could account for your symptoms and must be ruled out. Psychiatric diagnosis is not as clear cut and simple as people think. Standardized assessment tools and and interview will be conducted, and as with ADHD in adults, the clinician must establish that the symptoms were present in childhood. He or she may want to speak to your parents to do so.

    There are a variety of good reasons that your primary care may have chosen not to treat you, but referral was appropriate, and if you truly have ADHD, a psychiatrist or advanced practice psychiatric nurse will have no problem prescribing appropriate medication. My advice to you is to just tell your story like you did before and let the clinician determine the diagnosis and treatment. If you have ADHD, they'll treat you, and if not... they'll still treat you.


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