JYP/ YG entertainment audition question?

Ok let's say you live in america and you want to audition for YG or JYP and you make it in, does anyone know if they provide travel over to Korea and I need 100% truth of this so I can save my money for next year. Also, what does each company look for in the people who audition besides them being unique and different because I know that already.

Any other tips I'd be happy if you shared them with me!!

Thank you!!

One more question....when is the deadline for 2011 JYP Global audition, I'm not going to do it this year but I just want to know??

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  • 9 years ago
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    If you get through all the auditions and officially become a trainee, then I think they provide travel, yes. If not, well...better start saving. :P

    I've heard that YG looks for VERY talented people. They don't care how pretty you are, you need to be really good. JYP looks for talent and pretty good looks. I've also heard that JYP really values good dancers, so if you suck...you better get to work. :P

    -Smile a lot during your audition. Be confident. It'll show that you can handle being out there in front of people and that you really believe in your talent. What kind of idol would you be if you couldn't even go on stage without looking like you're going to faint?

    -Practice A LOT. Think your at the best level you can be at without the training of the entertainment company? Try harder. It's difficult enough to get past the first round of audition. Toward the end, it's really serious. You're going to have to SHINE to get in. Plus, you'll need to get used to rough schedules with little rest. ;)

    -If you feel like you messed up during your audition (or if you really do), just ignore it. That's the most professional thing to do. Don't freak out. Just go on as if you were doing perfectly the entire time. AND KEEP SMILING. xP

    -Practice your routines with honest people around. Sure, your best friends and family would love to see your dancing and singing, but do you think they'd tell you "Wow. You really need to _____ before you even think of auditioning. That was really bad."? Probably not. (If so, they rock. XD)

    -An obvious one would be to work on your Korean if you're not fluent or near fluent. Most of the people that audition for Korean entertainment companies in the US know almost NO Korean at all. They'll remember you if you list Korean as one of your languages. If you feel that your Korean is good enough, work on other languages such as Mandarin or Japanese. They'll usually train you in other languages like these, so it'll be great if you already know the basics.

    If I think of anything else, I'll edit this. :P

    Sorry, I'm not sure about the deadlines for the JYP auditions this year. :(

  • 9 years ago

    not to be rude but, if you're a non-asian then you have a very slim chance of getting into JYP or YG Ent. and YG's website is only in korean so it'll be pretty hard to try and audition for them.. the entertainment companies dont buy your ticket unless (i think) if you become one of their trainees.. because they don't want to waste their money on someone who has " fake " talent.. because if you made the 1st round, then there'll be 2 more rounds.. so then there's 3 ronds in all.. and if they call or email you or contact you somehow, then they'll let you know when and where to come to the 2nd/3rd round.. you pay for the flight, but once you become a trainee, then they'll pay for everything.. and i think that it is GUARANTEED that if you become a trainee, then you'll DEFINITELY will debut because if they don't debut you, or kick you out, then it'll be a waste of all that money.. and i read on allkpop.com that JYP said that he has high school students in their training and he said that they need to have a passing grade in school, and if not, then you'll be kicked out because i'm thinking that he wants you to be able to concentrate on school and training at the same time.. and there'll be roung schedules where you'll probably only get some sleep from 3-5 hours only.. because of all that training.. on allkpop, there's an article from how CUBE's CEO trains his trainees and what he does..

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