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Anonymous asked in SportsWinter SportsSnowboarding · 1 decade ago

Can I jib with this board?

I just got a Burton Whammy Bar 150 and I was wondering if I would be able to jib well with this board. I am planning on hitting rails, boxes, and jumps. Would it be flexible enough to do presses?


I am 5'7 and weight about 115 pounds

Update 2:

Is this board too big for me?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Wow, you're very light for your height (if you're a male)

    You have a complicated situation. On one hand, weight and boot size plays the biggest role. On the other hand, you are very light for your weight. The Whammy Bar does not come in a smaller size than 150. While you are within the weight range (110-160) for that board and size, you are very close to the minimum. This means the board will be stiffer than intended. However, since you are tall for your weight, you will have considerable leverage over the 150cm board. So the flex will balance out if you manually flex the board (like presses).

    When you ride though, the board will feel stiffer than intended.

    Since you already bought the board, there's not much you can do about it now. Technically speaking, you can jib with any board. The Whammy is noodly to begin with. It will still be pretty soft for you.

    When you do get a smaller board, you're definitely going to notice that the smaller one is easier to maneuver.

    If you can return it, the only Burton jib board that comes in a good size for you is the Blunt. It is also noodly like the Whammy. The 142cm will be a good size so long as it supports your stance width.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah that board will probably feel too big for you. For jib specific you might be more comfortable somewhere between 140-144. You also may want to stay with a soft rocker board for your riding style.

    When you look at flex ratings on boards keep in mind the scale for them are A) only for that brand and B) only for that year (of that brand). So a burton with a flex rating of 4 may be completely different from a rome with the same flex rating and a '11 burton flex of 4 may be slightly different from a '12 burton board of the same flex rating.

  • 1 decade ago

    YES!!! this is a jib specific board... it performs best in the park! Its not bad on jumps but i wouldnt take it on the big bangers because the landings my get a bit sketchy. but yes its great on rails and boxes.... have funn with it!

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