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help me convince my dad to let me get a rabbit!?

I am trying to convince my dad to let me get a rabbit so I made this list of things and would try to convince him. if you have anything you think I should add PLEASE tell me. I need as much as I can.

1. A rabbit will help me with the loss of rats.

2. I have not asked for an animal in over 2 years.

3. Rabbits are VERY easy to litter train. most will do so on their own, and will not mess on the floor.

4. The cat will have a cuddle/play buddy for those lonely times.

5. it is comforting for me to have an animal in my room especially when I'm upset, I can cuddle the bunny since I don't like showing HUMANS my emotions.

6. Studies have shown that when depressed, sad, unhappy, down and angry (and more) people interact with rabbits it makes them feel better and think more clear about the situation at hand.

Animals live and think in the present, a small rabbit doesn't mope around because its not a bigger faster rabbit, or that another rabbit beat it to a flower that it was going to eat. which makes the human brain think about it while we pet the rabbit and has a satisfying effect on life.

7. A rabbit lowers blood pressure and pulse rates, which helps people become less stressed with the worries of the life cause people know that NO MATTER WHAT we do or what we screw up on, the rabbit will not judge and will always offer affection and unconditional love when we feel no human will.

8. A rabbit does not smell and does not need a bath ever. they act more like a cat in this regard. being so that rabbits are a very clean animal they do not like to soil their living space and confine the "duties" if you will, to only 1 spot in the house. that is where the litter box comes in.

9. It has been proven that animal lovers have a higher success rate when they have access to an animal living with them in the same room. studies show that people who grew up with a hamster or a bird in their room (even through high-school college and being a grown up) have gotten better jobs and bring home a bigger income. Here is a list of some famous people that grew up with pets in their rooms such as a rabbit or something.

Kurt Cobain. The lead singer for Nirvana. owned rabbits and cats growing up. he said he loved animals and they were a HUGE influence in his artwork and his music.

Doris Day. The famous actress and singer. got her first animal in her teen years, she has had an abundance of animals since then and has been the most successful in acting, singing, parenting and running the charity for abused animals and much, much more.

Abraham Lincoln. He grew up with animals. He owned cats, dogs, ponies, horses and even goats. he let his boys have the pets they wanted which were a couple of the ponies and goats, cause it made the boys feel better when they were sick and they had a play mate.

Johnny Depp. Jack Sparrow in all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the mad hatter in Alice in wonderland, Sweeney Todd, and is in several other movies. Owned/owns 15 Chinchillas. In his teen years he fronted a series of garage bands and opened for Iggy pop where he was introduced to Nicolas Cage and that is when his acting career began. Depp likes to come home after a long and stressful day and cuddle with his chinchillas knowing they won't judge or criticize him. He did this also in his teen years when struggling with family issues or band problems.

Michael Jackson. The world’s greatest musician! He had everything from elephants, and giraffes, and crocodiles, and every kind of tigers and lions and snakes. And we all know his beloved chimp, bubbles. He loved his animals and would play with them when he was stressed or was being picked on by the media. But sadly he had to give them up because PETA took him to court for "not loving his animals and abusing them" Michael had such a kind heart he wouldn't dream of hurting them. when they lived with him they had the best home they could ask for. when he had to give them away he made sure that his personal vet found the absolute best homes for them.

Clint Eastwood. the famous actor. has always LOVED rabbits. in fact they recently did an interview with him. Mr. Clint Eastwood sat and stroked the rabbit while it fell asleep in his lap. He calls his rabbit August and also refers to the bunny as his son.

Those are just a few examples.

10. Rabbits are quiet.

11. several thousand rabbits a year will be brutally bred for profit. they will be given to a small child as an Easter present, a month or so later the child will lose interest and be the poor rabbit is let go into the wild where it will be brutally attacked ripped apart and eaten not knowing how to care for itself being locked in a cage and feed from a bowl its entire life, given away as food, or brought to a shelter where the rabbit will fight for its life and wants nothing but to be loved. why not save just 1 poor rabbit from the torture, bring it home a


Please don't read this and think I'm a horrible person for some of the things I've stated :(

I'm saying everything I possibly can to try and convince my dad to let me get this rabbit so please don't criticize me. and I know that some people think that rabbits and cats can't get along but that's not true cause I've had a bunny with my cat and they loved each other.

the rabbit will NEVER be left unsupervised with the cat. I promise you that.

thank you.

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    Well, you've done your home work! I wouldn't tell him about Micheal Jackson, but I dont know your dad,and dont know if he wants you to turn out like MJ. also dont expect for it to be a minimal work animal-Murphy's law. Im not trying to dissuade you, It sounds like that wont work:) and ive got five and still have time for school, but dont bet on tiny amounts of work. O, Did you mention they are ADORABLE?

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    I can obviously tell that you really want a Rabbit. I hope this information is helpful for you!

    I would start off by just asking him first. If he says no, than wait a couple of days to ask again. If this doesn't work, you can attempt to do extra chores around the house. Do chores that you normally don't do so this can show your dad that you're responsible. Whenever you near your dad, talk about Rabbits and say how much you want one and how it will show more responsibility.

    Show your dad cute pictures of bunnies and baby bunnies(show him pictures of the specie of bunny you want). This should change his mind a little bit. If he still doesn't say a straight up yes, you can try saying that you will do better in school and show alot of improvement in whatever subject you aren't that great in.

    You should do alot of powerpoint's or paragraphs about Rabbits. In these short paragraphs, I would add all the positive things about Rabbits like they can be fully litterboxed trained, they are cuddly and friendly, they make great pets for young children, there not that hard to take care of, etc.

    When you finished all your documents on your powerpoint's, show your dad and tell him to read them all. If this doesn't convince him fully, you can try bringing him into your local animal shelter or pet store. Show him all the bunnies and hold one. When your done holding a bunny, let your dad hold one. I'm positive that he will fall in love with the bunnies and he will get you one!

    This worked 100% all the way when I wanted guinea pigs. I now have 2 baby guinea pigs that are very tamed and they follow me wherever I go! :)

    I really hope this helps and I hope you convince your dad to let you own a Rabbit.

    P.S- Please do not get your Rabbit a friend. Rabbit's prefer to be on their own. They most likely won't bond with another rabbit anyways. Also, spay your rabbit because they do get kind of aggressive as they get older. (:

    Source(s): I have a 3 yr. old Netherland dwarf rabbit that is very tamed(I spayed her).
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    Okay, wow. I think you covered it all. But I would like to point out that rabbits aren't as clean as you say. Even though they can be litterbox trained, they will occasionlly flip their litterbox over slipping poo and litterbox stuff all over the place. In fact, I watched my friend give her rabbit a bath cause he had pee on his foot. Other than that, the only thing I can add it that rabbits are quiet and don't bark, and being timid creatures they won't be bugging you for attention

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    how i got 2 of my rabbits is by showing my parents how responsible i am

    and clean around the house get alowins and when you do save money up

    to get the rabbit and tell them you will take care of them and buy the things for the rabbit along your parents give you money

    Source(s): i have 2 rabbits 4 cats and 1 dog
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    If U do get a rabbit, don't keep in locked up in a cage all the time... that's cruel

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    Inform your dad of all that,ve responsible,tell him yol make all a's or something,wirked for me:)

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    rabbits are really easy to take care of, REALLY easy

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